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Monsters of Godville
Post mathematician
An After-mathematician stabbing a heroine with his pencil
Class mathematician
Habitat schools and streets
Description Unknown

The After-mathematician is a monster. Waiting outside of the various towns of Godville they scorn heroes on the aftermath of their frivolous spending. The After-mathematicians will destroy a hero by destroying their self-esteem. If that does not work, they are not afraid to resort to violence. Wielding to sharpened protractors and pointy pencils, the nerdy monsters become dangerous opponents as they quickly calculate the hero's every move, searching for an opening.



  • Harsh flat tone and large vocabulary causes damage to ego
  • Able to calculate a hero's next move
  • Slurps retainer to irritate heroes
  • Small, thin, and fast


  • Brute force causes major damage
  • Easily winded and will stop to use inhaler
  • Visually impaired without glasses