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Monsters of Godville
Class Unknown
Habitat Unknown
Description Unknown

The After-Mathematician is a monster. Waiting outside of the various towns of Godville to scorn heroes on the aftermath of their frivolous spending, the After-Mathematicians will destroy a hero through their overzealous self-esteem. If that does not work, they are not afraid to resort to violence. Weilding to sharpened protracters, the scrawny nerds become grueling opponents as they calculate the hero's every move.



  • Harsh flat tone and large vocabulary causes damage to ego
  • Able to calculate a hero's next move
  • Slurps retainer to irritate heroes
  • Small, thin, and fast


  • Brute force causes major damage
  • Easily winded and will stop to use inhaler
  • Visually impaired without glasses