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Monsters of Godville
Adoring Fan
Adorantes fan
Class Humanoid
Habitat Bieber shows, sporting events
Totem for The Finest ⚜️ 
Description Body paint/glitter, crazy eyes

The Adoring Fan (Adorantes fan) is a monster that brings emotion with its death.

As he strikes the final blow that kills the Adoring Fan, the hero feels happy. After the kill, the hero is relieved, then guilty, then sad, then suicidal. This is unexpectedly one of the most dangerous monsters because it goes for the kill when you least expect it—after it has died. Heroes have managed to decrease the risk of suicide by sacrificing the adoring fan, but that only helps to slow the emotional roller coaster a hero must ride after slaying this formidable opponent.



  • Stalking power
  • Fanboy/Girl 'Squee'
  • Power of influence
  • Mass hallucination


  • Massive mood swings
  • Hoarse voice
  • Habitual skin rash from using the wrong body paint.