Acid-Breathing Penguin

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Monsters of Godville
Acid-Breathing Penguin
Fervefacio-Faciem Nocere Megadyptes Antipodes
Class Avian
Habitat Colder climates
Totem for Companions of the Nine ⚜️ 
Description A cute, cuddly and DEADLY but really cute penguin *squee*

The Acid-breathing Penguin (Fervefacio-Faciem Nocere Megadyptes Antipodes) is one of the cutest yet deadliest creatures in Godville. These penguins have a number of characteristic physical features, typical of their penguin parents, including an erect posture and stiff wings. They also have the required attire for even the fanciest of dinners, thanks to their black-and-white tuxedo coloration. These particular penguins are typically 1.15 meters (43 inches) tall with a body mass of 37 kilograms (80 lbs); meaning they average around the same size of a many heroes.

Most heroes are caught off guard by the mere size of these monsters, combined with the contrasting cute appearance with their ability to breath acid. In an inhumane scientific experiment involving splicing penguins with dragons, a horrific mutant was created: a penguin that shoots acid, mixing cute with deadly for the first and probably last time (in this particular combination).



  • Able to get pretty close to your hero, due to their sheer cuteness
  • Can breathe acid, melting your hero's equipment and potentially causing scars
  • Has at least one Olympic gold medal in swimming and another one in diving
  • Able to withstand frigid conditions


  • Unable to make ALL black-tie events due to conflicting schedules
  • Clumsy anytime it is out of the water
  • Has a horrible case of hallitosis
  • May be unable to hold back from dancing if music is played
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