Academia Nut

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Monsters of Godville
Academia Nut
Class Nut
Habitat Schools & colleges
Description Smarter than the average nut

The Academia Nut (Intelligrifolia academica) is a monster that is well-known for its love of learning. It is constantly attempting to educate heroes it comes in contact with in order to share its knowledge, causing "NUTS" (an abbreviation for "Nobody Understands This Syndrome"). The phenomenon is so common, in fact, that most heroes have stopped talking about it altogether. The phrase "this is NUTS!" is often used to refer to various situations that are so very ridiculously irritating yet you realize everyone else has something as equally "NUTS" going on in their life, too.

How many heroes record in their diary an entry about learning something from a monster foe? What percentage of heroes file an official complaint in the forums or to their guild? How many guild physicians have actually been successful in linking hero's injuries caused by them attempting to unsuccessfully implement the teachings of the Academia Nut? How often are responding Godville guards able to successfully locate the nuts in question when they are already complaining about no longer being able to adventure like your hero anymore because of an arrow to the knee? Diary entries show that heroes of all walks of life are susceptible.



  • May cause allergic reactions in some heroes
  • Loves to share its knowledge with others
  • Usually seen with others of its kind


  • Often secretly suffers from low self-confidence
  • If it loses its hat, will wander back home
  • May be so busy collecting yearbook signatures, your hero can get away