Abandoned Tamagotchi

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Monsters of Godville
Abandoned Tamagotchi
Description Unknown

The Abandoned Tamagotchi is a monster that was once a beloved pet.

However, its owner had to flee from a nuclear power station disaster, leaving the poor Abandoned Tamagotchi behind. Due to the radioactivity, the Abandoned Tamagotchi became sentient but resentful and vowed to find and defeat the human that once left it behind. It bands together with others of its kind, being able to hide easily due to its small size. However, it often mistakes Heroes for its previous owners because of its own limited technological vision (only being able to see in large, black and white pixels), attacking them with its radioactive powers and emitting a single high frequency note, blowing out the Heroes eardrums, except if they are wearing thick earmuffs.



  • Agility
  • Due to its diminutive size, it is a difficult target to hit
  • Tricks unsuspecting Heroes into thinking it is a cute, harmless toy


  • Needs to immediately rest after a fight and tires easily, making it vulnerable
  • Even after death, they make lousy paperweights due to their lack of weight