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Monsters of Godville
Class NPC
Habitat Away from keyboard
Description Non-player character

The AFK NPC is a monster, which is often portrayed as a character your hero will attempt to interact with in some way. This monster will not actually respond despite whatever attempts your hero may make to get them to do so.

This monster's full name is actually "Away From Keyboard Non-player Character". This particular monster may be away from keyboard, but it still somehow has a way to attack you. Thanks to extensive Godwiki research, the predetermined way to beat this monster tends to be to take an invisibility potion and then use a bow to attack the monster at a safe distance. Someone captured one of these rebel heroes, interviewed him, and he reported that heroes protect the monster because he apparently tends to have very good trades. Most of these monsters were AFK for 5 - 7 years until the heroes or heroines finally managed to kill them out of boredom.

Some of their trades include (but not limited to):

  • Epic Bows with every single enchant
  • Super OP swords that even bang the Godville Administrator
  • Highly OP Usable Artifacts, and more.



  • Tends to have the best equipment until your hero can actually afford it
  • Does not start any drama
  • Can stand still for hours, similar to a statue
  • Can bore your hero literally to death


  • Often coded to respond a specific way, no matter what your hero tries
  • Will not contribute to a conversation
  • Will not be aware of the bird droppings all over it
  • May be logged out by the system after a pre-determined amount of time
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