64-Bit Professor

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Monsters of Godville
64-Bit Professor
Description Unknown

The 64-Bit Professor is an artificially recreated clone of a professor who was bit 64 times during a boring lecture on a Tuesday afternoon. No, it wasn’t a class on Graphic Design, that would be a trite obvious don’t ya think?

It was a class on the ‘Days of The Week’ being taught to 5 year olds who were disappointed when he cancelled nap time, tried to give them healthy snacks, and then made them learn words and letters and such all while withholding the crayons and play-doh. This writer, for one, thinks he got off lucky.

His body was taken to the nearby Magical Arcanum for General Intellectual Curiosities (or MAGIC, if you will) where he was operated on by by Cursemakers, Necromancers, and Graphic Design Artists. Their work resulted in the blurry, block headed, ‘dear God what in the world is that thing’ type of monstrosity that now walks Godville in search of a better NecroGraphics Card.