300 Immortals

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300 Immortals

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300 Immortals
Motto: Fight... For Immortality!
Alignment: Bright
Gold Fund: ~18 000 c.u.
Date Founded: Late November 2014
Membership Count: 27
Forum Headquarters: 300 Immortals
Guild Page: 300 Immortals 
Data current as of 2.29.16

Join the "300 Immortals" guild. Everyone is welcome!

300 Immortals was a group of 300 of the toughest warriors that have ever walked through Godville. They died fighting for the freedom of Godville. Poseidon82 wants us to honor them with our name and spread the story of the 300 Immortals.

"300 Immortals" was created by the hero Theseus82 by the order of GodPoseidon82  on 11/22/14.

"300 Immortals" became allies with "The Circle of Mages" on 11/26/14. Its always good to have another guild that you can trust.

"300 Immortals" starts to show some real growth as it gets it's 5th member on 12/14/14.

"300 Immortals" continues to grow as it gets it's 10th member on 12/21/14.

"300 Immortals" announced their first tournament on 12/27/14. The tournament will begin on 12/29/14.

"300 Immortals" got their 20th member on 12/27/14.

1/1/15 GodPoseidon82  is heading off to war.

2/8/16 GodPoseidon82  returns in triumph!!!

Internal Guild Ranking

In Training[1] -- GodSahil52002   GodThe Light of Lights   GodJolyne Joestar  GodBlades of Darkness  God

Hoplite Soldier[2] -- GodCleanfreak   GodUncle Pooky  GodAlpacareject  GodThat1sock   GodZeldatheprinc3ss   GodBrandon Russell  GodBleustar crusher  GodPilaphaus   GodDogginus   GodTrevor Thompson   GodBane   GodAltacera   GodOrphanSama   GodPyratepunk   God

General[3] -- GodArctos  GodMarrang  GodShuyya   GodVorph 

Gladiator[4] -- Nobody

Champion[5] -- GodGenericus  GodDakone984  GodArchon969  GodThe Almighty Todd 

Immortal Champion[6] -- Nobody

Members of the Senate[7] -- GodR00ffles 庙 

Consul[8] -- GodDakone984 

Caesar[9] -- GodPoseidon82 


  1. While ranked as "Fan", "Intern", and "Recruit"
  2. While ranked as "Follower", "Master", and "Chief master"
  3. While ranked as "Advisor" and "Grand Master"
  4. While ranked as "Cardinal" and "Hierarch"
  5. While ranked as "Patriarch or Matriarch" or "Regent"
  6. Winner of the Guild Tournaments. (There can only be one. If you win the next tournament, then your name stays.)
  7. While ranked as "Prophet" and have been active in the Guild Council.
  8. Voted Leader
  9. Creator of 300 Immortals