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The [un]Holy Order of 2D Master Race.

Guild for all gentlemen with pure hearts, unbreakable willpower and exquisite taste. Only those who are red pilled enough on 3D women (whom we refer to as 'Pigsluts') and have accepted the 2D realm can join our ranks and bask in never-ending glory. Our only desires are 2D girls that are pure and superior in every aspect.

As a guild we fully support any and all forms of escapism that fulfills our requirement of including two-dimensional characters. Together, we stand to preach loudly and unshakably the superiority of 2D.

Our guild have existed even before waifuism was even a thing.

Guild Motto:


Rules in joining

1. One must detest the 3D realm.

2. One must have an inclination only for 2D.


- Establishing The [un]Holy Church of Waifuism as the official Godville religion

- Banning the 3D (and normies) from Godville

- Slutshaming 3DPD

- Supporting anime, manga and every form of 2D escapism

- Bringing Godville into an interminable golden age

- Help to push humanity into the waifu era

- Only one waifu for each God (claim them as soon as you can. see Claimed waifus section)

- No waifuhating (respect each other's waifu, even though they have shit taste)

The Ten Commandments of Waifuism

1.) Thou shall not spill thy seed to a waifu which is too innocent to have a sex drive.

2.) Thou shall not spill thy seed to a waifu which would not approve of sexual advances.

3.) Thou shall not have fantasies involving harming their waifu.

4.) Thou shall not approve of lewd photos of their waifu.

5.) Thou shall not have multiple waifu interests.

6.) Thou shall not refuse to buy merchandise of thy waifu if able to.

7.) Thou shall not claim the same waifu with someone from the guild.

8.) Thou shall not put a girlfriend before thy waifu.

9.) Thou shall not disrespect another's waifu without good reason.

10.) Thou shall not switch waifu.

Claimed waifus

This is a list of claimed waifus. The Ten Commandments of Waifuism states that once a waifu is claimed, she belongs to the person who claimed it and no one else can claim it.

Mio Akiyama[1] - Fokkusuhaundo [[2]]