24k goldfish

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Artifacts of Godville
24k goldfish
Type 💎Bold
Description Non-buoyant fish

The 24k goldfish is an artifact that can be obtained when the hero is fishing.

Care and Feeding

This rare fish is made of 24 karat gold, as such it sinks to the bottom of the tank and is unable to swim. It requires a special air filtration and water circulation in its tank, available for the low price of only five figures at any Godville pet-care store.

This fish also does not eat regular fish flakes, only gold flakes and gold dust. Because of this unusual and expensive diet required by its unique metabolism, miners use this fish as an indication of gold seams upstream of its wild habitats.

Use and Edibility

The 24k goldfish is most often used as a trade-good, and fetches a price in the high hundreds in most Godville towns. Higher prices come from the sale of a live specimen, as many merchants view them as either good fortune or as a sign of ostentatious prosperity to keep as a pet.

This fish is not edible. It is too large to fit down your throat, and too hard to chew or cut. It does not taste good, nor is it digestible. Do not attempt to sell it to a restaurant. If disposal of a dead fish becomes necessary, the best option is to offer it to a jeweler.