1-up mushroom

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Equipment of Godville
1-up mushroom
Worn 🍀Talisman
Durability +32
Description A green 8-bit mushroom

The elusive 1-up mushroom is a rare find indeed, since it cannot be procured except through strenuous effort. Your hero must collect numerous pixels of the 8-bit variety and then hire a blacksmith to construct a Mystery Box. Finally, a concussion must be sustained by hitting said box with their noggin to obtain the Talisman. As a result of this tedious process, new 1-up mushrooms are hard to find, and used ones are sold for exorbitant prices.

Unfortunately, heroes aren’t usually willing to spend on anything other than getting patched up and getting un-sobered. Although if the rumors are true about the mushroom granting immortality, the 1-up mushroom might be a bestseller.

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