-Yet you ask why

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Ever wondered why they don't want YOU to be the only one who is almighty and glorious, who would be the one that guides the heros to their glory and happiness, even though you think you are qualified to do so? You, the one that is not responsible for any of them, sitting at home, while they die on their journey? You the one of many, that can hardly guide even one? And yet you ask why they choose to abandon you to 'be your boss' and work a lifetime, living to die? Why didn't you get lucky, like 'others' did? Why didn't you ever achieve your own dreams, just worked for someone else's? Yet you think you worked your soul out to achieve it, but was it yours? Yet you come and ask me why, so If you are not one and only, just one of the many, hero, or God to pray at, you should just choose your own path.