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!Introduction to the Godwikiโ†ป

Welcome to the source of all Godville information.

Anybody can edit any article here, especially you!

Don't know where to get started? The Godwiki Guidebook will help you get oriented, and then you can take a look at the Creators Manual and various Guidelines for advice on creating great GodWiki content.

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The frontpage โ€” this one you're reading โ€” has a Discussion page that's a good place to look for wiki-wide announcements and notes of interest to Godwiki editors. It's also where you can ask general questions that don't pertain to any specific article. (For those, use the article's own Discussion page.)

For Godville game-related questions, the forums are usually better.

Thank you for all your contributions!
!Featured Articleโ†ป

Exotic seashell


Since the appearance of Godville's seas in 2033 g.e., heroes and heroines have brought back many treasures from their sail.

One day, a heroine brought back an exotic seashell for some reason and sold it to a merchant who was curious about its unusual shape and colour. The merchant then claimed that the seashell told him to sell it to another merchant, who was then similarly prompted to sell it to another one, and so on, until the seashell finally end up in the acquisitive hands of a member of the Office of the Mayor of Godville.

He quickly became one of the most important figures in that administration thanks to his impressive results and sneaky political moves. It is rumoured that his fast rise was due to sage advice offered by the seashell.


Previously featured: Caravanserai -- Ancient Demon

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