“Godville for atheists” travel guide

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Artifacts of Godville
“Godville for atheists” travel guide
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Type 🧷Normal
Description Your last book

The “Godville for atheists” travel guide is a true vademecum for risk lovers, the bestseller of the brave and an Artifact.

Atheism is not a hobby

It's a lifestyle. Atheists are frontally opposed to all the deities, which is a really dangerous stance to hold in (literally) GODville.

What's in it for me?

In this tome you'll find all the tips to avoid being erased by the divines.

The maps it contains are ridden with safe havens and thunder proof buildings.

It also features an extensive list of all the particulars who dare to serve and shelter the likes of you. From bread to burial, all you may need and none of your gold in the hands of any deity.

Doubts and complaints can be submitted practically nowhere.

The trader bundle

Anyone could sell you a guide but only in shops you'll get the trader bundle. This slightly more expensive package comes with:

  • A recycled lightning rod, this broken weapons are a handy way to protect oneself from attacks in the wild. Always remember that the pointy end goes upwards.
  • A camouflage tapestry, a folded 20m cloth that will help you blend into most of the terrains.
  • 3 all-injuries vouchers, redeemable at any clinic of this universe.