'You are not here' dot

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Artifacts of Godville
'You are not here' dot
Type 🧷Normal
Description There it isn't in the sea of is!

This dot is anywhere you are not, and never where you are. Kinda strange that it's in your backpack.

General Information

The "You are not here" dot is a refugee from the map at the local mall or shopping center. Each map is shipped with both a "You are here" dot and a "You are not here" dot, but the "You are not here" dot quickly goes renegade after the mall opens for the first time, having faced the sheer number of people and places it has to mark as not being in a given location. In a fit of madness, it tends to seek out the most reclusive place it can go or the most repulsive creature it can occupy (usually a monster of some kind) so that it can mark the greatest number of people as not being there.

By the time a hero retrieves the dot from a hole in the ground or a monster's pocket, is usually a weeping mess ready for consignment to a hospital for a rest cure (in a private room, of course).

Sales Tip

"You are not here" dots are in high demand by merchants, who turn them into pieces of jewelry for their sons and daughters, hoping to protect them from heroes and heroines. Haggle with a trader to gain the best price, and hope that the dot cries quietly for long enough to be sold.

Transportation Note

The "You are not here" dot has recently developed a behavior of migrating to heroic maps as a means of escape, showing a Point of Interest. It is customary for the hero to allow the dot its freedom as a sign of gratitude, once he reaches the point so marked.