"Kick me" post-it note

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Artifacts of Godville
"Kick me" post-it note
Type 🧷Normal
Value 50
Description When a lost joke become an artifact...

The Kick Me! sticky note is a regular artifact. The artifact comes from the classic pub house prank of slapping a “kick me” sign on the back of the first hero to stagger back out drunk or broke. It is a note to anyone reading it that your hero more than likely deserves or even quite possibly needs a swift kick. It is the alternative to the older kick me signs that had to be placed on with tape.

Your hero will act surprised and even embarrassed if the artifact is brought to their attention. Who put this on your back? Never mind, put it in your backpack and sell it the first chance you get.

There are variations to the note, some which include how to kick, where to kick, who is doing the kicking, etc such as:

  • kick me! (exclamation point optional)
  • kick me hard
  • kick me in the jimmies (Jimmy kick)
  • kick me when (while) I’m down
  • kick me to the curb
  • kick me baby one more time
  • I get kicked down, but I get up again. You’re never gonna keep me down.