"Free beer" ticket

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Artifacts of Godville
"Free beer" ticket
Beer Ticket.PNG
Type 🧷Normal
Value Unknown
Description Ticket for a free sample at a beer festival

The β€œFree beer” ticket is as obvious as it sounds. Unfortunately, few heroes ever get to use one for its intended purpose.


Printed in the thousands to advertise beer festivals and taverns, these tickets can be found in the most out-of-the-way places in Godville. The greatest number can be found around Beerburgh in the weeks before the grandest bacchanal in the land. Traveling merchants, monsters and heroes ensure that every inhabitant has a chance of getting their hands on one. The ticket exhibition includes a section devoted to these, including a rare example that was actually redeemed by a lucky heroine.


As the β€œfree beer” ticket is used as a means of increasing footfall (and, hopefully, spending) in the taverns, its vague wording enables the hero to redeem it for a sample of anything that can be poured into a glass. This allows the more premium beverages to reach an audience that would usually be unable to afford them. Heroes, however -- being impatient, thirsty and generally incapable of holding onto anything for long -- will typically hawk their tickets to a trader for ready money and readier beer well in advance of the next beer festival.

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