"Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About CENSORED" brochure

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Artifacts of Godville
"Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About CENSORED" brochure
Type 🧷Normal
Description Tantalising pamphlet

This is everything-- absolutely EVERYTHING-- you ever wanted to know about [CENSORED].[1]


Advertising in the form of brochures is as old as the invention of paper. The "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About [CENSORED]" brochure, however, dates back to [REDACTED] g.e., following the establishment of Godville. Brilliantly authored[2] and printed by [CENSORED], [CENSORED] [REDACTED] [CENSORED], and absolutely [CENSORED] himself at his home, and mass-distributed by his diligent pet Ballpoint Penguins, it remains the most widely-read material in the [REDACTED] [CENSORED].

Subsequent indices, addenda, and appendices were co-authored by [REDACTED] and [CENSORED], who are acknowledged experts in the field of [CENSORED]. The [REDACTED] Team at [CENSORED] [CENSORED] Institute of [REDACTED][3] reviewed the state of [CENSORED] as practiced by amateurs, but [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [CENSORED].

Reprints of this brochure have been handled by the Unspecifiedistan University Press. Pirated and knock-off versions, usually published under the title "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About [UNPRINTABLE], and Then Some" have been traced to bootleg presses operated out of the basement of the Caravanserai, the storeroom of a merchant in Herolympus, and even the editing room of the Godville Times.

Suggested Uses

Whether obtained through purchase or through looting, "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About [CENSORED]" brochures have many practical uses:

  • Wallpaper for the [CENSORED].
  • Reading material for kids who won't stop fighting in the back of the cart.
  • Nap tents for midday.
  • Rain hats.

Sales Tip

Every "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About [CENSORED]" brochure has a unique edition and print run number, except for the first edition. Those seeking to purchase one should check the bottom right corner of the center panel for these numbers. Those seeking to sell one should be sure to show a prospective buyer these numbers, but be certain not to reveal the [REDACTED].

References and Footnotes

  1. For everything you didn't want to know about [CENSORED], or everything you didn't realize could be known about [CENSORED], see the addenda housed at the Annex to the Library at Bad Gateway.