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Motto: May a thousand monkeys enscribe a thousand bL35S1ngs
Alignment: Tending Good
Date Founded: In the mists of time
Guild Page: !scripted() 

In The Beginning

Lost to fire of '5, and subsequent guild flooding, the inaugural guild records exist no more.

Folklore has it that some gods, being known to each other, and prone to bawdy and drunken behaviour, set about establishing a formal collective of like minded deities. There was much debate and frivolity, and then;


Came the cry. And all turned to stare, for GodPlesius   had discovered the sort order of the wiki!

I say verily!

Are we not first among rebels? Are we not first among anarchists?

Let us be known as the guild with no scribe! The guild with no script, I say! And knowing the secret of the wiki, let us encode our moniker! Let us use a cypher so cunning, that none but the most unusual and introverted amongst us shall come to grasp it! Let us be known as:


and let us make it up as we go along, for we are as great and as we are ignorant!
— Plesius

And so it came to pass. The rebellious young deities formed their club at the top of the list, and welcomed all who passed their door and shared their spirit.

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