Zombie Hunters

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Zombie Hunters
Motto: "Time to nut up or shut up!"
Alignment: bright
Gold Fund: 52851 c.u.
Membership Count: 100
Pantheon of unity Rank: 39
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 66
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 40
Forum Headquarters: Zombie Hunters
Guild Page: Zombie Hunters 

Voice of God Command: Join "Zombie Hunters" guild

The zombie apocalypse is upon us. You know that it is coming. What will YOU do to survive? Enter the Zombie Hunters. This is our role and our cause. Join our ranks because once the undead take over, the last thing you want to be... is alone.

Join the hunt now!

Who We Are

Zombie Hunters is a guild for the strong who have yet to be infected. We hunt for good. We hunt for evil. We hunt for fun. We hunt so that we don't get hunted. We hunt to kill zombies.

We have no use for those who lack the passion for zombie-slaying. This is a strong guild. We bond over our common enemy. We share our exploits and laugh in the faces of our adversaries. We stare death straight in the eye, literally. If you lack the courage, strength, or prerequisite survival instincts, go join the survivalist camp; maybe you can sit with the other peons in a circle and play patty-cake. We don't need you.

Legendary zombie hunters in the past:

- Alice, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, and Leon Kennedy

- Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little rock

- Shaun Riley and Ed

- Lt. Col. Robert Neville

- Francis, Bill, Zoey, & Louis

- Thomas Rogan and James Taylor

- Ash Williams

~ Nikolai Yoshida


- Plants

What We Do

Shoot, dismember, and eradicate the zombie horde in preparation for the zombie apocalypse. Share your exploits with your guildmates and gloat over the growing number of dead undeads. We take our jobs seriously and will hunt until every last bacteria-infested, soulless zombie is extinguished from the earth we share. We choose death before dishonor...we live to destroy the vile zombies of the world. We say what we mean and we mean what we say!

 17:16: The dead Plant-eating Zombie had 17 gold coins in its little coin purse. I looted it, bringing me one step closer to becoming a millionaire. Nikolai!!!!
 05:11: The Necrophobic Zombie was gloriously dismembered! While rifling through its remains, I found a final countdown clock. It will need a good wash before I can sell it.
 01:08: I hope the graveyard has an extra space for the Walking Dead.
 12:26: Toto suddenly raised his muzzle and meowed loudly. The Pro-Life Zombie and his fellows dispersed, shrieking with fear.
 12:25: Killed the Undead Pixie. Acquired a secret identity card and 35 gold coins.
 11:25: Roasted marshmallows over the smouldering corpse of the slaughtered Born Againg Zombie.
 05:59: The Necrophobic Zombie was shredded into tiny strips. I picked up a deus ex machina and 20 gold coins.
 11:44: The Pawn of the Dead bled thick, gooey slime. The smell was more pungent than a pile of rotting guts! I held my breath, picked up a gently weeping guitar, and hustled away quickly.
 09:29: The Darned Dead Terrorist shouted ‘Silence! I Keel You!’ and descended into Hell. Acquired 29 coins.
 06:08: Finished off the Ungrateful Dead with a fatal kick to its head and picked up a sanity clause.
 03:20: The Robbed Zombie called me a noob and died. What a pathetic creature!
 04:03: With one clean blow, the Pawn of the Dead was sent on its final journey. I searched its lifeless body and found 8 gold coins and a mysterious rash.
 08:45: The Undead Garden Gnome was slain with a clean stab through the heart. I rifled through its remains and found a dead garden gnome and 9 coins.
 20:47: The Necrophobic Zombie ascended to heaven.
 01:46: Restored a bit of health with the potential energy drink. Hey, Dead Terrorist, come get some!
 03:22: The Reanimated Sprite was shredded into tiny strips. I picked up a midnight oil lamp and 12 gold coins.
 03:23: I stood victoriously upon the misshapen corpse of the Ungrateful Dead. By the way, Soul Supreme, could you send a few attractive looking enemies my way? I could use some eye candy once in a while.
 03:29: The dead Inedible Hulk had 10 gold coins in its little coin purse. I looted it, bringing me one step closer to becoming a millionaire.
 02:57: Killed the Ungrateful Dead. Acquired a portable quest generator and 13 coins.
 12:24: Exalted One, now that you resurrected me... Am I a zombie? 
 14:56: The Pro-Life Zombie’s last wish was for a small, quiet remembrance, so I quietly dragged its carcass into the woods before I left.
 18:15: Ooops! I broke the One-legged Centipede. After carefully trying to put its pieces back together, I still had a zombie apocalypse poster and 15 coins left over. Pocketed them and quietly walked away. 
 18:13: The Born-Again Zombie's last wish was for a small, quiet remembrance, so I quietly dragged its carcass into the woods before I left. 
 03:58 A zombie hand rose from the ground and held Nephclaim by the foot while lightning struck him. Seems like More Fun Man has had enough of Nephclaim.
 21:07: The Plant-eating Zombie fell right on top of my weapon. Its stomach contents spilled out onto the ground, revealing an invite to Godville.