Yashiro Eich

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Yashiro Eich
Champion of the God: Infarius
Personality: Pure Evil
Gender: Male
Level: 29
Motto: Ho..? Mukatte kuru no ka ?
Guild: Valourheart
Guild Rank: Chief Master
Guild Position: Founder
Wins / Losses: 1:1
Temple Completion Date: 26.8%
Pet Type: Talking Donkey
Pet Name: Pumba "Garish"
Pet Level: 10
Personal Rival: Goku Genji

The Beginning

Yashiro wasn't always an evil hero. He started off his adventures and had a righteous personality, but it all changed when he joined the guild, The Dark Brotherhood. From there on, Yashiro swore himself to darkness, and has been on the path of evil since.


Yashiro didn't originate from the Gameworld of Godville, but originally as a character for the anime, Bleach. He is known as a Quincy, with exceptional bow skills, and also a trident. His overwhelming power allowed him to soar through the air, and strike lighting upon his foes, while his bow set them aflame and devastated them.

Yashiro then split into his own world, with it's own lore and factions. He became the general of the army for his kingdom, Vohenstedt. He became a half-elf, with magic power and a bow, as well as a nimble rapier. When his emotions are pushed past his limits, his magic overflows, transforming him into a beast of the Mana, engulfing him in blue flame.

And then he arrived in Godville, under the God, Infarius, who is full of bloodlust, and has caused Yashiro to go pure evil.


Slot Name
Weapon Bi-Sickle
Shield AT-Field
Head Skull Mask
Body Steam-Power Exoskeleton
Arms Power Gloves
Legs Invisible Pants
Talisman Protective Pentagram


Current Skills
Skill Level Type
Street Magic 18 Combat
Strong Brow 18 Combat
Asynchronous Swimming 16 Transport
Teeth Gnashing 11 Combat
Glance of Kaa 7 Trade

Information up to date as of 9/10/2020