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Attention: any article focused entirely on weaponry warrants the writing-style of a seven-year-old with ADHD. Tough luck.

Weapons are those things which your hero uses to poke, prod, probe, hack, slash, stab, bash, zap, bop, or otherwise fight other heroes and monsters they run across in Godville and the arena in order to take any valuables they may be carrying and gain glory. Heroes realize that virtually anything can be used as a weapon, from a pointy stick to a plasma energy gun - pew-pew-pew!

Back before the first God of Godville came into existence, weapons were things like sticks and stones, you know, stuff that was simply lying around. Over time, shopkeepers realized they could not sell things if heroes could just pick them up on the side of the road. So, they quickly learnt to smelt metal in order to make a living. Weapons range from anything pointy, with sharp metal heads to cool things able to zap monsters from afar.

Weapons will start to degrade with use over time and will eventually need to be polished, repaired, replaced, or upgraded. Certain pets, such as the firefox, have the ability to polish weapons by rubbing themselves against them. Heroes generally get new weapons by buying them in towns. Seriously, they do! Now, why are you still reading this article? Go pick out a weapon you like to help your hero better attack the monsters of Godville!

See also: Weapons Equipment

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