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Though any deities can play the game their own way, most activities and rewards will only unlock after specific objectives are accomplished. This article is there to summarize it. Follow the links to learn more about a specific subject.

The different "chapters" of the game could be cut as follow :

Main Chapters
Name Objective Unlock
Pre-Temple Collect 1000 golden bricks to build a Temple. Temple and Dungeons
Post-Temple Collect 1000 gopher wood logs to build an Ark. Ark and Sail
Post-Ark Collect 1000 pairs of creatures to build a Lab. Lab
Post-Lab Collect boss-parts and 100 pairs of creatures to build a Boss-Monster Datamine
Post-Boss Collect 4000 glyphs to write a Book of Creation Dungeon Forge
Post-Book Enjoy the game! Nothing yet
Side Chapters
Name Objective Unlock
Retirement Save 30 millions of gold to open your own Shop. Personal Shop

Main Chapters


You and your champion have just joined Godville, congratulations ! Your first main objective will be to complete your Temple and for that you would need to collect 1000 golden bricks.


Now that your Temple is complete, an Ark become a necessity to sail the Godville seas. To build that Ark you will need 1000 gopher wood logs, which you can primarly find in Dungeons.


Your ark is complete and you can now Sail on Godville's seas. But the ark feel kinda empty right? Go collect 1000 pairs of creatures to fill it and build your own Lab!


By gathering the creatures you have gathered knowledge about the living and built your own Lab. But what could you do with a Lab and living things ? Building your own Boss-Monster of course! Collect Boss-parts and another 100 pairs of creatures to build one !


Now that you have another minion, you can force it to mine in the Datamine. There you will discover the mysterious Glyphs. Maybe putting 4000 of them together into one Book of Creation will lead to grand things ?


Now you can build your own dungeon with the Dungeon Forge ! Having unlocked every activity so far, you can focus on your secondary objectives for now, such as getting Achievements or climbing ranks in Pantheons,  until another chapter is added to Godville.

Side Chapters


One of the Main objective of a deity is to open a Shop and this require the simple sum of 30 million gold saved. This objective can be accomplished at nearly every stage of the game, begining in the Post-Temple Main Chapter, but the further you progress in the Main Chapters, the more gold you're likely to collect and save.

Godville's Goals and Activities
Main Goals Achievements • Pets • Temple • Ark • Lab • Book of Creation • Retirement
Collectibles Gold coins • Gold bricks • Gopher wood • Creatures • Glyphs
Heroic Activities Quests • Side Jobs • Fishing • Digging • Arena • Sparring fights • Dungeons • Sailing • Datamine
Divine Activities Forums • Godville Times • Guilds • Ideabox • Pantheons • Seasonal Festivities • Dungeon Forge