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Great changes to Navboxes!

Hey there Uni34!

It's great to see a new user throwing themselves enthusiastically at a Wiki project like you are with the Navboxes! Keep it up, because it's great! I just wanted to give you a heads up that I might undo some of your changes, and explain why. 😊 I don't want you to feel like you're doing anything wrong, because you're not!

The content of the Godwiki is focused around the game world of Godville, not the real world, and that game world works by different rules. One of the biggest aspects of the Godwiki world is, of course, the puns and jokes. That's reflected right through the Godwiki, where a good pun or joke is pretty much always more important than accuracy. On the Godwiki, creativity always wins.

So, to give you a more specific example: one of the changes you made which I'm going to undo is this one, where you: Merged cats and kittens (there’s not much point in separating them.). I'm afraid I disagree with you there! The point is that people like kittens, and there are enough of them in the game to justify them having their own category. And there was a joke which perhaps you missed: the group name was "Furspherae", which is mock Latin for "furballs." Which is, y'know... A bit funny and a bit cute. So, yes: in the real world, kittens are just immature cats, and nobody would reasonably separate them. In the game world, they're different if we say they're different, and they don't grow up into anything. They are, ipso facto, not categorically the same, if we say they aren't. And, for the sake of cuteness and a mock Latin pun, we say they aren't the same. 😊

I want to repeat that I encourage you to continue with improving and contributing to things on the Godwiki, including Navboxes! I'm excited to see you at work! But it's important to remember, we aren't here to accurately catalogue the real world, we're here to create funny, interesting content about the game that the entire game community enjoys just for fun and a giggle. Fun, humour, and creativity always comes first, and we work hard to encourage it in every way we can on the Godwiki. So just keep it in mind as you keep going, and keep an eye out for jokes worth preserving... and even better, jokes worth making at the expense of verisimilitude! 😄 -- Djonni (talk) 08:00, 4 November 2019 (UTC)