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Welcome to the "TITLE YET TO BE VOTED ON!

Chronicles of all things evil.

Vote for the title of this weekly paper!

  1. The HM Blog
  2. learn about the tourney
  3. Our Forum
  4. Our Town Influence

All things Harvest and some things moon


This is a very new feature to Harvest Moon, and we want to make it awesome for you our awesome guildies. That being said we need a title for this great weekly paper here are you choices
  • Mooner Times
  • Harvest Gazette
  • The Weekly Phase
  • The Weekly Moonie
  • The Crimson Record
  • Horrorville Times
  • Dark Tales of the Moon
  • Weekly Scream

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(Story title)

(Title of section) 

(Title of story):

(Title of section) 

(Title of story):