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Over a universe wrapped in the gloom of a dense and primeval night passed the god Hurakan, a mighty wind. There were no people, animals, or even land just the endless sea and The Heart of Heaven. Suddenly as if by chance Hurakan, was drawn into a distant parallel universe known as godville, it had people, villages, towns, animals big and small, monsters of all variety’s, and even other gods The Heart of Heaven had only ever been used to the endless expanse of the primeval sea after the first creation having been at sea for Eons, but to see such creation he took a liking to it and noticed gods with their own personal followers, this was a curious idea and so Hurakan decided he too should have one and so it was to be done. Having previous knowledge of creating humans he used corn as the main mixture along with the bones of a lost hero and the blood of a wild coyote, he mixed these ingredients into a bowl poured it out and breathed the life giving breathe into his own hero who would come to be known as Trg42. As the newborn hero opened his eyes to a world of new possibilities of course Hurakan was a ethereal being with no defined form and thus could not be seen by Trg42, but his presence could be sensed most notably by the towering thunder clouds ahead and so as a gentle breeze blew from the left side of this ruined temple whispering the God of Storms true name to Trg42, viewing it as something sacred the hero decided that he would instead call his god that of the storms to which he is, and from there thus begins the legend of Trg42.