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Welcome to my User page when you'll find the very little information I gave about me. Feel free to leave a note at my talk page if you need to.

If you want to check out my contributions or my chronicles, just scroll down or use those shortcuts : Contributions / Chronicles

If you want to check my meta-game data check out the infobox or my in-game page: GodWardPhoenix 

Deities of Godville
WardPhoenix, The Observer
Personality Not found
Motto "Yare Yare..."
Lords of the Pit
Guild position Founder
Akane Phoenix
🦸🏻‍♀️ Data
Birthdate 24 January 2017 (2451g.e.)
Level 88
Personality Too good for her sake.
Motto "Time to smile and shine!"
🐱 Pets
Current Pet
Pets in Ark
👾 Boss-Monsters
⚔️ Stats
Savings 8M, 429k (28.1%)
Wood for Ark 157.1%
Creatures 491m, 491f (49.1%)
Arena (W/L) 137/360 (38%)
Quests 1 489
Monsters Killed 201 185
Deaths 78
💯 Completion
Temple Aug 8, 2017 (2647 g.e.)
Animalist Oct 10, 2018 (3075 g.e.)
Ark Dec 18, 2018 (3144 g.e.)
Lab In progress
Boss-Monster Not yet...
Book of Creation Not yet...
Retirement Not yet...


  • Daily Ideabox and ER contributor.
    IQ points : 156. Approved Submissions : 25.
  • Occasional GodWiki article author and contributor.

Approved Submissions to the Ideabox
  • Diary
    • Argh. When I said “Give me a break.”, I was not talking about my bones, Almighty!
    •  %monster% shouted : “Join me, and together we can rule this world!”. But I proudly refuse and got cut in half. Maybe not my better idea of my ex-life.
    • The %monster% sighed in it's last breath : “I can't believe I would fall from one those pitiful member of the %guild_name%” What kind of reputation do we have?!
    • Hear me %pet_type%! By the will of %rg%, you shall be called %pet_name% from now on!
  • Earthly News
    • Rolling through the grass...
    • Dueling herself in a drinking contest...
    • “Bring me to life, Bring me to life...”
    • Listening to Death complaints about its poor work conditions...
    • Honking to other arks blocking the way...
  • Sail
    •  %attacker% turns over every rock on the island but finds nothing.
  • Monster
    • Gargantarentula (name may have changed in ER)
  • Quest
    • calculate how much we have to paid to tip the scales.
    • open fire to find what's inside.
    • start a strike against the quest system
    • clear the quest while sleepwalking
    • apply to a much safer job
    • recruit a mercenary team for the next quest
    • salt a lake and make a sea
    • definitively locate the fountain of doubt
  • Equipment
    • Mad scientist coat
  • Three corrections
Others GodWiki's Contributions
My GodWiki To-Do List
  • Writing chronicles for my heroine
    • Cross.png Not done and not likely to be done. No progress since months, unsure that i'll try to get back at it again.
  • Study how to improve the List of Artifacts and alike page : Future.png Later...
    • Note: Looks like we can't add a header or anything else to gain an "edit" button within the tables, meaning it's necessary to close the table and add the header between two letters table to have an edit button for a letter section.
  • Things that may need thoughts and talk within GodWiki community
    • The countless out of date guilds and user/hero page that weren't updated since ages. Future.png Later...
    • The countless articles waiting for deletion Future.png Later...
    • The countless unused pictures Future.png Later...


Soon or late... More likely late... Maybe I'll manage to write this up one day...


NPC: Non-Playable Character.

In the world of Godville receiving a name is a blessing of Gods. Thus, nameless NPCs are legion.

Mostly ignored by the so-called heroes, those NPCs are yet the ones who produce the beer, build the taverns and the very roads heroes walks on, among many things. Without a name, those NPCs live a monotonous, eventless life. However, the whims of Gods and their champions sometimes disrupt that monotony, creating changes Gods themselves could not have expected.

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