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There can be only one!
— In response to millions upon millions of pleas
Deities of Godville
Supreme (and only) Smurfy The Smurf 
Hero Blue Giant
Personality Cruel (but in a fun way???)
Motto Run away! Run away!
Toon Town
Additional Information
Birthdate ge. 3573?
Gender Omnipotent
Qualifications None
📮 Idea Box
Accepted 0
Rejected 2


Me Smash![1]
Name: Blue Giant
Level: 19
Favorite Color: Anything but blue
Motto: *burp*
🐱 Pets 😻


Aw, so cute![2]
Name: Timon
Type: Sun dog
Level: 2

In the beginning there was... well, were others. Then some more came. It was in fact quite a while after the beginning, but eventually there was... The Smurf.

And then, you know... some more others and so forth.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Milestones and Achievements

The Beginning

(Well… close enough?)

g.e. 3596 - Day 23 of The Smurf, March 14 2020 (As it happens, the day after Friday the Thirteenth):

I was minding my own business, doing my Smurf thing (specifically, I was in the middle of creating a new page on the Godwiki) when I received a notification up top for a message received in-game by User:Elantien.

Hello !
— Elantien - 14 Mar 2020, 04:01 AM

Now, in 23 days I had accumulated close to a dozen friends by activating artifacts (some friends materialized through no action of my own) but this was the first message I received from another player… er… God/Goddess! The causes, explanations and machinations of these (particularly this example) occurrences are largely uninvestigated at this point in time — But that makes sharing my highly subjective experience even more fun!

Was this God simply bored? Had they seen my name in the forums and thought to themself, "That blue fella looks like quite a decent fellow... [4] I'm going to try to befriend him and hope he sends me a really nice birthday/wedding/retirement gift when the time comes" or were they thinking, "I think that's the guy that spammed my talk page with a bunch of fictional slurs and rants while I was sleeping!"

Perhaps it was a more sinister design as later evidence may indicate:

Hum... How are you ? (Also 😊 Can you send to your hero this godvoice : Join the "aeter" guild. ? )
— Elantien - 14 Mar 2020, 04:06 AM

Regardless, this seemingly benign message had multiple repercussions which was observed almost immediately.

First: The Smurf is not a social creature. In that respect The Smurf is more green like a turtle, despite his blue appearance (and general mood). Yet, like a turtle, he comes out of his shell to play when someone knocks just right. Thus…
Second: Elated with the idea of a talkative friend (the first in my existence as a God) I immediately used my friend invites on the first 3 random God voices in my diary. By chance, I immediately recognized two of the names I'd haphazardly added; from the forums — Ab-ashanti and Sourcerunner. The result? More "talky" friends! Huzzah!

Perhaps you're wondering about the references to the forums and Godwiki after reading the section title. Remember that by-line (Well… close enough?) Well, it's true that I had spent a few weeks randomly spamming the forums and Godwiki with what some may label content [questionable?]. But the truth is, I simply enjoy writing. Just about every format and every genre you can think of: Articles, Fiction (micro, short, novella and novels across all genres), Poetry, Documentation, Email, Greeting Cards, Texts, My name, etc.

I'm a bit of a paradox, commonly confused with an oxy-moron, and ironically I respond and relate to just plain, "moron". Because I love to write. I love to communicate through writing (all these zany thoughts and blistering ramblings may look horrendous in writing but they're much, much worse in my head). But yeah… still pretty antisocial somehow. Go Fish! figure.

Lesser Milestones

!Hero's Diary
Mundane Doings
  • g.e. 3574? - Day 1 of The Smurf, Feb 19 2020 — A star… no… a GOD is born. The Smurf Lives!
  • g.e. 3598? - Day 24 of The Smurf, March 15 2020 — Finally got that Blue Giant started on a quest to create a guild for me. I look forward to creating a new permanent home for myself in Toon Town, even if it's ultimately a one-smurf town.
  • g.e. 3600 - Day 26 of The Smurf, March 17 2020 — I heard a dingo ate "my baby", but apparently Sun dogs just want to follow you around everywhere you go. So now I have a pet.

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Below is a growing list of useless information errata you may or may not enjoy reading:

  1. "We are not getting sued!" - Oglethorp and Emory
  2. The owners are unfortunately reported as alive and well...
  3. Annoyance levels rated on a scale of 1-10; the low end of the range belonging to monsters I barely remember following me, with the higher end causing me to throw folded socks at them… while imagining that they're Molotov Cocktails.
  4. Writing 101: First rule of all writing formats dictates you be consistent with whatever style you choose in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, numbering, slang, colloquial usage, etc.
    Smurf 101: Break rules