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The Ancestry Knight (Old)

Motto: Long Live TAK!
Alignment: Forever Neutral
Gold Fund: ↑(6,478) to 204,923 c.u.
Membership Count: ↓(4) to 200
Forum Headquarters: Merandaem
Guild Page: Merandaem 
Data current as of 27th February 1998
The Ancestry Knight


There was a time when loyalty, solidarity, truth and justice disappeared from the world. The chaos was vast, and pain, death and destruction reigned supreme. The great Dragon God decided to bring neutrality back into the world, which war had torn apart. The people were divided by thousands, and from every thousand, one that stood out from the others - in loyalty, wisdom and strength - was chosen. Amidst the masses, a new class of knights came into existence, joined by the Ancestral Forces that would decide the fate of the world... These men and women were given the name of Ancestral Knights!

...I hear the wings upon the wind... I smell the burning breath of the earth... I sense the lingering war between light and dark... I feel the force that makes my sword tremble, and the battle song that roars in my ears...

The Ancestry Knight was born more than fourteen years ago, in 1998 or so. The first lands to witness the Knights were Minoc, in the distant Sosaria, through Daoc, SWG, Lineage 2, Wow, 9 Dragon, LOTRO and now SWTOR. The objective has always been maintained, the cities dominated by chaos fell and order was restored, and the Knights no longer served a purpose, for the mission had been completed.

... Do you detest the scent of the Afterlife? The heart will not cower in fear of the pain, so turn your gaze, and await the Ancestral judgment...

How to Join

Convincing your hero to become a Knight of the Ancestral order will not be an easy task, nor is it guaranteed, but you can try with some mischievous mind tricks. Talk to him and convince him that saving the world from chaos could be very amusing, and lead to some quite interesting bard songs. Or just downright force him to do it. Treasures and riches as far as the eye can see, a plethora of women (or men if your hero is a heroine - maybe both, we're not picky), honor, recognition and fame is the reward for one brave enough to dedicate their life to the cause. Or beer, if that's your hero's sole highlight in life. We don't judge. Unless you mean that lightning thing we throw from the skies. Then we judge. A lot.

Use these words : Join "The Ancestry Knight" guild

But be sure to use it when your hero is not fighting. As we are not liable for your hero sustaining injuries in an attempt to join us, nor obligated to hand out refunds for used godpower.

Due to the varying levels of popularity in each town, The Ancestry Knight currently has its headquarters in a dimensional schism between planes of reality. This will not affect your hero(ine) as they will naturally wander into the building randomly. It's quite subtle. You might not even notice!

TAK Members

All known members of the guild will be noted here. If you feel that your name should be here, please contact GodMabruk /GodZenkai  or insert yourself. Titles/descriptions and minor art by GodZenkai 

A rendition of a good day at TAK HQ
  • GodMabruk  - "Fist of the Southern Mountains" Founder of TAK, was recently involved in an incident that led to be accidentally purged from the records, which happened again but also struck down Protarkus as well.
  • GodZenkai  - "Zekken (Absolute Blade)" Local Humanitarian, who has a unusual love for monster-girls, particularly Dragon-Girls. Stand-in Guild Master for Mabruk, more so after a incident where the Mabruk was purged from the Guild. Plays the straight man most of the time, but does fall into being silly like everyone else. Has recently taken up the mantle for the important 'Guild Doctor' position, but favors a more "crazed scientist" approach to his new occupation.
  • GodJugalicious1  - Some things in the world are beyond understanding. This entity, might be one of those things.
  • GodKnight21  - "Unhindered Stream" Junior member of the guild, who has a peculiar quirk of talking and acting in a seamless stream of thought style that makes what he says and does extremely hard to separate. Likes choirs.
  • GodV3xed  - British. Supposedly has large eyebrows.
  • GodEnderRex  - Used to be a replacement for Lunar Darkness, before becoming his own kind of silly character. Defines himself as an "interesting" guy but is ironically bad with descriptions.
  • GodGenna M  - "Little Pandemonic Carnival" Possibly the(self-proclaimed) best guild member ever. Also a British host of various undisclosed beings. Loves axes. BFFs with Merandaem. Recently returned from an unknown dimension of unmentionable horrors after having accidentally entered the men's room.
  • GodMerandaem  - "Endless Devourer" An uncivilized and badly washed girl who changes personality more often than <insert witty comparison here>. Thoroughly enjoys being difficult. She also wrote most of this description, with the other few bits being regularly changed by several members. Presumed to be a tsundere, but she denies it vehemently. Due to a sudden change within the hierarchy of the guild, she has taken up to position of 'Curator of the Records.'
  • GodLord Sampson  - Recent addition to the guild. He has taken up the minor massively important job of recording day-to-day events from Zenkai, who has gotten busy managing other things. He denies editing his own description.

Ex-Members (Wall of the Honored)

  • GodArchioum  - Thoroughly enjoys his tacos. Maybe a bit too much. Rumor has it he married one and ate it on the same day. Magically disappeared in a puff of taco seasoning one day, never to be heard from again
  • GodFinlay M  - Genna's mischievous older sibling. Possibly more destructive than Lunar. Tripped into the basement, still not to be found.
  • GodLunar Darkness  - "Echo of the Eclipse" A guy who attempts, but not always succeeds, to make each day weird. Is a stereotypical pervert. Assumes that he has an incredible amount of charm, despite repeated attempts to convince him otherwise. Last seen walking into the sunset like a bad-ass, before tripping out of sight.
  • GodProtarkus  - "Sacred Hands" Former Highest Rank Member. Ex-Tribunal. Is also the very trollish Guild Doctor as a part-time job. Was kidnapped by an angry mob and disappeared.
  • GodSyvsover  - Whereabouts Unknown. One rumor suggest he moved on to better things. Another suggests he loved sleeping and simply forgot to wake up.

Notable events

  • Founding of the Café - An attempt to spread influence and publicity of the guild throughout the world of Godville, as well as allowing the celestial members to interact with the mortals. Ultimately failed, as visitors and customers alike seemed to disappear in increasing numbers, followed by bizarre and unnatural occurrences within proximity of the café.
  • Untimely destruction of the Café - A charred foundation is all that remains of the once magnificent building. Some theorize that the destruction was caused by dark rituals, or perhaps otherworldly events. Others claim fire fell from the heavens and scorched the surrounding area. What actually transpired is now shrouded in mystery - perhaps for the better.
  • Aftermath - Although unknown to the mortals; the strange happenings were a result of celestial infighting. The gods - albeit young - were trying to establish themselves among their peers, and this escalated into several confrontations. The most notable of the many confrontations, was the one which leveled the Café.
  • Rise of the Inn - Not willing to give up on their interaction with the world of mortals - and return to the eternal slumber in the infinite realms, the gods proceeded to build an inn within the walls of the capital. The citizens of Godville were used to sudden alterations within their many cities. Even though this caused mass confusion when the grocery stores were suddenly replaced by taverns, they were quick to adapt to these changes. If getting drunk and forgetting ones sorrows counts, that is.
  • The Maid Incident - Shortly after the Ancestry Knight Inn became the talk of the capital, a leading member among the group came up with a bold marketing scheme. This lead to the inevitable incident that is still murmured in the far reaches of Godville to this day. Some say, that if you tread outside your home during a full moon, a cat eared demon maid might swoop down from the skies and consume your soul. Of course, this but a mere children's tale. Although... there have been disappearances as of late.
  • The Pterodactyl - A valued honorary member of the guild and Genna M's beloved pet. She was a magnificent creature who soared the skies of Godville, until a fatal accident ended her life. After some time of grieving, she was reanimated back to life and graced the skies once more. Last seen accompanying her master beyond the infinite realms. But later returned alongside Gen, seemingly covered in something...
  • Lunapocolypse - Sometimes, being immortal has its downsides. There are things even gods fear. This is one of them. During a lunapocolypse there is no escape. It'll test you in ways you cannot fathom. It may also leave you slightly less omniscient. All we know is - abandon all logic and run.


Ci fu un tempo in cui scomparvero dal mondo la lealtà, la solidarietà, la verità e la giustizia. Il Chaos era totale, dolore, morte e distruzione regnavano incontrastati. Il grande Drago decise che era tempo di riportare la neutralità nel mondo. Tutto il popolo fu diviso per migliaia, e tra ogni mille ne fu scelto uno che si distinguesse dagli altri per lealtà, saggezza e forza. Dal passato improvvisamente apparve una nuova classe di Cavalieri uniti nella Forza Ancestrale che avrebbe deciso le sorti del Pianeta... A questi uomini fu dato il nome di Cavalieri Ancestrali!

...Odo le ali del vento bruciare il respiro, lo Spirito ribelle che aleggia di Luce Oscura, percepisco la Forza far vibrare la spada, scandire il canto di battaglia...

I Cavalieri Ancestrali nascono più di 10 anni fa, era il 1998 circa. Le prime terre che i Cavalieri hanno calpestato furono quelle di Minoc nella lontana Sosaria, passando per Daoc, Swg, Lineage][, Wow, 9 Dragon, Lotro e tanti altri. L’ obiettivo prefissato fu sempre mantenuto, caddero le città dominate dal chaos e l’ordine venne ristabilito, i Cavalieri Ancestrali non servivano più in quelle terre, la missione era stata portata a termine.

...Odi il profumo dell'Aldilà? Il cuore non teme il dolore, volgi lo sguardo, attendi il giudizio Ancestrale...