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Hi, welcome to the user page of GodLaetitia . This is where I stash random bits of game information.

Marcus Leviculus.png
Hero Name Marcus Leviculus
Personality Whimsical
Guild Blue Feather
Guild Position Hierarch
Favorite Town Last Resort
Pet Name Spot
Type Bipolar Bear
Personality Great

Pet revival

Pet history: User:Laetitia/Pets

Amount of gold required for pet revival = 450 x pet level. However, depending on the situation, more may be needed (see below).

The 3 methods to revive a pet:

1. At quest completion, with hero in red health. Gold required: 450 x pet level.
2. After arena win, with enough gold after selling. Very risky. If the fight is lost, then one has to start from scratch again. Gold required: 450 x pet level.
3. In any town, with hero in red health. May not work always work. Taking into account heroes' stupid tendency to waste gold even when they really shouldn't, a larger amount of gold is needed than in methods #1 and #2 (up to 3 times as much). Gold required: Ideally, 900-1350 x pet level, but it is said that 750 x pet level is usually enough.

Note: With the implementation of dungeons, it is now possible to send to dungeon during praying in any town. If the dungeon works out and you get enough gold, the chance of revival is 100%.

Misc notes:

  • Some towns may be more conducive to pet revival (e.g. Dogville). Forcing a return to such a town should not affect the chances of pet revival.
  • Sometimes, the amount of gold required for revival may be more than can be obtained in one boss fight (especially when the pet level is high). To prevent the hero going to town to waste money during the cooldown from the first boss fight, it may be necessary to find friends to spar with to use up the cooldown time.

Sources: GodBella Luna  GodBrinjal  GodJimbob64  GodSourceRunner 


Godwiki page: Dungeons

Map database: (by GodLEM- )

Notes to self:

  • Pay attention to hints for boss and try to avoid if possible
  • The more attributes a boss has, the closer it is to the treasure
  • Corrections for the map database - search for the word "somewhere" in the log to find ambiguities

Town characteristics

Town characteristics relevant to players who are building a temple:

Town Milestone Characteristics
Godville 0 May get lots of gold from temple construction site
Bumchester 10 Items sell for less
Last Resort 20 Hero sacrifices for more GP
Beerburgh 30 Hero wastes lots of money on beer
Trollbridge 50 Hero wastes less money
Herowin 60 Items sell for more, but hero also wastes lots of money
Los Demonos 70 Hero wastes less money, but also sacrifices for less GP (?)
Monsterdam 90 Hero heals very slowly
Tradeburg 100 Artifacts sell for more, gold bricks are cheaper (~2.2-2.4k each?), but still not as cheap as in Anville
Los Adminos 130 Terrible town, hero wastes lots of money and rarely ever buys anything useful
San Satanos 170 Equipment sold is of good quality
Godvillewood 210 Hero sacrifices for more GP
Herolympus 250 ?
Dogville 300 Pet treatment is cheaper here
Anville 350 Gold bricks are really cheap here (~1.2-1.8k?), equipment sold is of good quality
Deville 500 Hero sacrifices for less GP (?)
Lostway 700 ?
Unspecifiedistan 800 ?


Successful combinations: User:Laetitia/Combine

Mystery boxes

Mystery boxes: User:Laetitia/Boxes


Miracles can be used for the following:

  • Complete quests faster (25% of normal quests, 5% of epic quests) ‡
  • Upgrade one or more pieces of equipment
  • Killing a monster
  • Healing hero to full HP
  • Increasing guild influence
  • Conjure a random bold or activatable artifact

Do not use miracles during:

  • Boss hunts (may destroy loot)
  • Arena fights and skirmishes (may damage opponent's equipment)

‡ How to use miracles to complete quests:

"Quest complete” miracles don’t happen when going back to town, while in town or after town when your hero is “searching for the right path”. I learned this the hard way after using 20 miracles to try to complete my hero’s quest. After he fought his first monster I got 2 to work in a row.

Source: This post by GodAdamShi )

Temple progression

Temple progression graph
Graph of temple progression against time


  • I only started keeping track of my temple progress halfway through construction.
  • The polynomial fit seems to be the most accurate for prediction of temple progression.
  • During the last 30%, I hunted on average 2 bosses a day.


  • Best boss hunting haul so far (4 Oct 2013, level 45):
    • 01:03 Notes from the battlefield: The heroes brought together by common destiny have defeated the Summoning Leeching Pickpocketing Overtaker! Marcus Leviculus got 16050 coins, ear of the Mini-Overtaker, a golden brick, a golden brick, a case of the Mondays, a random number generator, a dream sweetener, an inconvenient tooth, a logic chain, a rhetorical question mark, a roadmap to glory and a barrel of laughs.
    • The above happened in a fight where 2 out of 4 allies were knocked out, and on a day when bosses were carrying more gold than usual (according to the Godville Times astrology forecast).
  • Highest number of bricks achieved in 1 minute: 6 bricks (10 Oct 2013, level 46)
    • Boss reward: 1 brick
    • Philosopher's stone from boss + 3 bolds (including boss body part): 3 bricks
    • 2 successful encourages in a row: 2 bricks
  • Getting a GP recharge from a VC that was upvoted by others (12 Oct 2013, level 46):
    • 03:39 AM Flipped through the Godville Times. Apparently the new phrase of the week is “Good job, but we need 1% more! Worship your goddess! Dream of your temple!”, Mighty One!
    • I'm actually really surprised this VC was the one that made it, since it's one of my regular pray VCs

Random observations

  • Encouraging on low HP while traveling or resting has a tendency to upgrade equipment or melt bricks instead of healing (just when you really need it to heal... Murphy's law or the devs' devious programming?)
  • Hero may sometimes refuse to fight a monster from his pet class:
    • 05:43: As the Bipolar Bear was about to administer a fatal blow, I offered it a flower I'd just picked. The monster burst into tears, saying it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for it, and let me go.
    • The above entry happened when my hero had a lot of HP (232/268). However, I've heard from others that heroes do not usually do that, so perhaps my hero was just in a benevolent mood.
  • Obtaining an aura of immortality via the Godville Times crossword will immediately force a hero to return to town to heal if he is below the threshold of 16 HP (e.g. at 1 HP after a failed dungeon).