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Deities of Godville
Kaito the Aphonic 
Hero Ephrael
Personality Chaotic
Gender Male
Motto "Knowledge is Life and Power"
Favourite Town Los Demonos
Birds of Prey
Guild position Ex-Cardinal and Founder of Midnight Sunrise

About Kaito

Kaito is a recently reborn God who is never satisfied. He is a seeker and holder of immense knowledge and an extremely calculated being. He lacks the ability of speech, but can communicate through telepathy. It's unknown exactly what his powers are, but it is known that he has an affinity for dark energies. He has a terrifying wrath, and all who have had the unfortunate fate of facing him regret opposing him. He can be kind, but more than often it's wise to mind your manners in his presence. Long ago, he was known as the god Aphen.

Aphen's Legend

I am Aphen. A long time ago, I was but a simple man. I was an archiver, a person who sought knowledge of ancient things. In my scholarly pursuit, I discovered an ancient artifact known as the Lodestone. This artifact consumed me with dark power, and when I came to, I was no longer in the world of the physical, but in the spiritual. I had become a God. My eyes were emissive; a crimson red. My skin had been engulfed by a blackness, almost resembling smoke. When I solidified, I was wearing ornate embroidered robes of black and gold, embellished bracers of obsidian, and my back was dotted with little gems: diamonds. The words I spoke from my lips were so strong that they could make the heavens tremble. I was initially consumed by this power and went on a rampage. A wild wake of evil spread across the land as I hurled lightning bolts down towards the earth, killing many lost champions, and even a few of my own. Cultists began to worship me as their messiah, and I used them to my own ends. The leader of these cultists, Ephrael, became my new champion, and I blessed him with eternal youth and life. It wasn’t long before I was being scrutinized by other gods, even the evil ones, on my actions. It was then that I decided to calm down… A bit. Ever since then I have taken on more benevolent pursuits, but I have not forgotten my more malevolent tendencies… Meaning I like to throw a lightning bolt or fifty every once in a while, just to keep the juices flowing. I’m a well praised diplomat and friend to many a God now.

Evolution to Kaito

After some time, I became tired of my godhood and my benevolent nature and began to seek knowledge once more. I shed myself of the Lodestone, seeking a fate far worse than the one that I had acheived. My wish was granted when I discovered the long lost secrets of the old Gods of Godville. This knowledge gave me untold power, and rendered me speechless. My identity and appearance was once again shifted. My hair had become disheveled and frail. My eyes, a piercing cobalt blue. My body was very nimble and strong, and I embraced my rebirth. I renamed myself Kaito the Aphonic. A name befitting my eyes which reflected the ocean and my lack of speech. I now tend to my own knowledge, forbidden to share what I’ve learned with others. I communicate now through telepathy, but I fear the wrath of the Old Gods were I to utter the wrong words. I think carefully and bide my time, awaiting one who is worthy of my knowledge and power. Alas, the weak and ignorant will only meet my wrath.