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The infoboxes are released into the wild, on to new things!

This is a sample Article 

It contains comment blocks like this to provide information to editors. The comments won't be visible in the final output.

One important note: Blank lines in the source for a wiki article create vertical whitespace — each empty line creates a new paragraph, basically, and multiple blank lines in a row create empty paragraphs that push text down the page. So, you want to be sparing about blank lines, and when removing comments you want to remove the line they occupy, as well, not merely remove the text and leave a blank line. These comment blocks count as one blank line from the open (< !--) to close (-- >) symbols, so you want to avoid inserting too many extras unless you delete the comments and the lines they occupy.

Feel free to delete this comment block when saving your article, or not delete it. Either way is fine, it won't affect how the formatted article looks.
| param1 =
| param2 = 
| param3 = 
| param4 =
<!-- REMOVE THIS LINE AND THE LINE TWO-BELOW for a "History" section heading
     REMOVE THIS LINE AND THE LINE TWO-ABOVE for a "History" section heading -->
<!--Write any "History" content you like here. Remove this comment and the ones around the heading --></onlyinclude>