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Goddess DarkAngel718310 History Heroine DarkAngel718310 Level47 MottoWheres the beef? Age 5 years 1 month (1883 days) Personalityneutral Guild no guild Monsters Killedabout 52 thousand Deaths35 Won / Lost16 / 16 Bricks for Temple68.7% PetTrojan horse Woody Equipment Weaponboomstick +58 Shield128-bit encryption +56 Headmoonglasses +55 Bodylumberjacket +56 Armsbracers of embracing +56 Legsfractal slacks +55 Talismannavigator's head +55 Skills falcon punch 24-th level strike of the rabbit 24-th level dove of peace 18-th level foot massage 14-th level stifling embrace 14-th level tin throat 13-th level self-cloning 13-th level electrostatic discharge 12-th level shiny heels 11-th level Cheshire smile 9-th level Pantheons Gratitude6587 Mastery8384 Construction899 Survival5817 Achievements Honored Renegade Favorite, 1st rank Builder, 2nd rank Careerist, 2nd rank Saint, 2nd rank Animalist, 3rd rank Champion, 3rd rank Hunter, 3rd rank Martyr, 3rd rank Coach, 3rd rank (10%) Have sparring fights with 10 different friends Hero's Chronicles Open chronicles Standard view

06:40 AM A pickpocket stole my coin purse and suddenly he was struck by lightning out of nowhere. Managed to get back my purse but only found a gold brick instead of gold.