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Honourable mention goes to the Proud and Certified Bearers of the Harvest Moon 'AFK Harvester' Merit Badge!

  • Bearers*:
  1. *Hairplug4men* [65th plug tier] [✊] [pro trap dancer] [?] [red carpet] [dino hunter] [four-of-a-kind] [spice of life] [sadist] [3-in-a-row][escort] [pokémon trainer] [testy] [vaitarna] [phlegethon] [cruel bastard] [fratricidal] [yahtzee!] [steady supply] [killathlon] [super supplier] [comic book guy]
  2. *Ngma* [44th tier] [dino hunter] [bbq chef] [3-in-a-row] [phlegethon] [creature of the night] [blood tsunami] [no particular hurry] [yahtzee!] [sadist] [fratricidal] [pokémon trainer] [pro trap dancer] [steady supply] [slapstick]
  3. *DiamondHard* [30th tier] [pro trap dancer] [red carpet] [3-in-a-row] [cruel bastard] [creature of the night] [sadist] [spice of life] [dino hunter] [testy] [yahtzee!] [pokémon trainer] [fratricidal] [ _6_ ] [four-of-a-kind]
  4. *Pysrilexot* [13th tier] [red carpet] [testy] [yahtzee!] [warp speed] [four-of-a-kind] [phlegethon]
  5. *Tha Saxon* [10th tier] [red carpet] [four-of-a-kind] [dino hunter]
  6. *Glow Puff* [5th tier] [red carpet]
  7. *Jows Pilla* [5th tier] [warp speed] [3-in-a-row] [blood tsunami] [yahtzee!] [cruel bastard]
  8. *Ear Wind* [4th tier] [cruel bastard] [four-of-a-kind] [vaitarna] [creature of the night]
  9. *Erebus the Darkest* [5.5th tier] [testy] [utter mess] [red carpet] [wagner-like]
  10. *Krohnos* [4.5th tier] [scorned] [four-of-a-kind] [utter mess]
  11. *Ukrainian Man* [5th tier] [cruel bastard] [four-of-a-kind] [dino hunter]
  12. *TheTod* [2nd tier]
  13. *Brihtnoth* [1st tier]
  14. *Child of the winds* [1st tier]
  15. *Sohail739* [1st tier]
  16. *Sohail73* [1st tier]
  17. *Anubhavagrawal* [1st tier]
  18. *BH Almighty* [1st tier]
  19. *Nightscare* [1st tier]
  20. *God Of Pills* [1st tier]
  21. *Kind Butcher* [1st tier] [creature of the night]
  22. *Knightston* [1st tier]
  23. *Zekita* [1st tier]
  24. *Definitely Smitten* [1st tier] [3-in-a-row]
  25. *Destructive Deity* [1st tier]
  26. *Gr8 Banana inthe Sky* [1st tier] [four-of-a-kind]
  27. *La la Gangsta* [1st tier] [3-in-a-row]
  28. *Point of Origin* [1st tier] [phlegethon] [cruel bastard]
  29. *Byrrenzolt* [1st tier] [red carpet]

  • legend: distinctions*



  • general*
  • _pokémon trainer_: accumulate 10 distinctions;
  • _comic book guy_: accumulate 20 distinctions;
  • _sadist_: 15 tiers;
  • _steady supply_: 30 tiers;
  • _super supplier_: 50 tiers;
  • _testy_: For shame! Have some decency!


  • killing in dungeons*
  • ✊: five fingers honours! Five down;
  • _3-in-a-row_: one kill per turn in three consecutive turns;
  • _6_: one-third number of the beast! Six down;
  • _bbq chef_: punish three AFKs to tender perfection and death;
  • _cruel bastard_: kill the final AFK with a punish on the final or penultimate step of the dungeon;
  • _dino hunter_: preference for offing ancient players (3 or more of 100 or more levels and/or 5 or more years of age);
  • _pro trap dancer_: kill three in one turn using a trap;
  • _spice of life_: one dead by punish, one dead by trap, one dead by boss.


  • driving in dungeons*
  • _creature of the night_: go through a dungeon holding hands with one other player. Yes, it's a Rocky Horror Picture Show reference;
  • _escort_: escort a useless villager (anyone under 300 hit points) through at least four bosses;
  •  ?: 'look mum, no hands' - nobody drives, but you're active in boss fights;
  • _no particular hurry_: hit treasury on step 98-100, or 48-50 in hurry dungeons;
  • _red carpet_: drag max dead AFKs through the dungeon for forty steps;
  • _utter mess_: at least two drivers constantly send disagreeing voice commands. Nets you half a tier if at least two drivers survive;
  • _warp speed_: under 17 steps or minutes.


  • daily volume (all start times between 00:00-23:59 Central European Time)*
  • _killathlon_: one person submits three successful logs within one day;
  • _four-of-a-kind_: the 4th successful log in a day;
  • _yahtzee!_: the 5th successful log in a day;
  • _phlegethon_: the 6th successful log in a day;
  • _vaitarna_: the 7th successful log in a day;
  • _blood tsunami_: the 8th (!!!) successful log in a day.

Want the 'AFK Harvester' merit badge too? Send (PM) me a dungeon log proving 1) you were the driver for the whole dungeon; 2) only two out of four or five party members left upright via the treasury; 3) the account used to drive is a member of Harvest Moon.

For every extra log sent, you will be awarded an extra tier.

Optionally, once you've made the list, you may paste this line in your chronicles to show off to all dungeon fodder taking the time to read them:

>>> Proud and Certified Bearer of the Harvest Moon Blood Scouts 'AFK Harvester' Merit Badge <<<

  • Frequent Floaters (heroes belonging to deities who don't seem to -be able to focus on one thing for more than twenty seconds- mind giving gold to active drivers who like taking risks now and then)*
  1. "KaineSami":
  2. "Jekul":
  3. "Super L-user":
  4. "Crosarin":
  5. "Coryphee":

28/3/2016 09:03 A log! A thousandth log! I'm even ready for a flood now. Not that I'm asking for it, Mighty One.

Longest TB battle: 63 turns of sheer boredom. Hulking Summoning Nimble of course .

Mar 20, 2017: 02:10 Instead of buying beer and potions, I think I'll put 28050 coins into my savings for important things, like buying beer and potions later.

22/07/2017 13:53 Bragging about how he cooks the best humble pie...

30/09/2017 09:50 Wow, I am level 100 now! Luckily intelligence isn't a requirement for level-ups.

10/10/2017 New Achievement - "Honored Raider" Duck on this, dungeon AFKs!


Sackwhiff's corner 28/10/17 06:50 A demented Electric Orc Welder has picked up our scent and is closing in fast. Stand by to repel all boarders, Sackwhiff!

"28/10/17 18:01": Sometimes I wonder if Sackwhiff's feelings get hurt when I don't lick him back.

30/10/2017 11:25 Got my finger stuck in a hole in the boring machine and Sackwhiff broke the item trying to dislodge it. I guess I should be happy my finger's still intact (noooooo!)

10:05 Oh, why is this loot bag so heavy... Hey, Sackwhiff, get out of there! (Nooooooo!)