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Arkhen Thean
Hey !

--Long live along your Path--

Arkhen Thean.jpeg
I look nice...
What I'm known for :
adding random lore to random page... And playing with templates...
My most notable feats :
  • Making a user friendly "User Template" ( if you want to use it copy the code from this page)
  • Adding random lore to incomplete articles
  • Creating a religious order in Bad Gateway
  • Creating the Book The Psyche of monsters
Random Facts About Me...
  • My favorite color is &r&b...
  • Kudos for those who got the reference...

    • My favorite Greek letter is ∆
    • I'm fluent in 3 languages...
    Pages I edited:
  • Arachnophobic Spider
  • Achilles' heel
  • NKC48
  • 2D hologram
  • Binary haiku
  • Lore Compendium (adding more lore is my life goal)
  • Yggdrasil
  • 8-bit coin
  • 2D glasses
  • Number of edits : ~52
    To do list
  • Be the most active Godwiki curator
  • Add more to every item in Godville
  • Make Fourth Shadow the best heroin... In her road, after all she's not very bright... Best live her to saving cats in trees
  • ~Luciolle24

    Deities of Godville
    Arkhen Thean 
    Hero Fourth Shadow
    Personality Righteous
    Motto When life gives you 🍋
    Guild position Follower

    Those are my stats... Might not be totally accurate at time of visit... Yeah it's probably not correct either way... But still!