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A big thanks to the people who made this wiki page possible!
Championed by the Hero: Annie Ember
Personality: Nice, annoying if she's drumming on a table with her fingernails, and easily distracted- Oooohhhh, shiny...
Gender: female
Guild: Blue Feather
Favorite Town: Godville
Animalist 3rd.png Builder 2nd.png Champion 3rd.png Favorite 1st.png Invincible 3rd.png Martyr 2nd.png Careerist 2nd.png Hunter 3rd.png

What's up with this page being mostly blank?

I'm not sure what I want to write here. Until I figure it out, you'll just have to live with this.


A list of my past pets:

Sooba the firefox, died at level 17

Bess the dust bunny, set free after becoming levelless

Dumbo the bipolar bear, also set free after becoming levelless

Spot the lightsaber-toothed tiger, tamed the morning I wrote this. Now he is levelless.

Her Zebra-ness's Temple (This Part Under Construction)


Outside, there is a deep salt-water moat all the way around the building with a ton of sea life in it, excluding alligators and anything bigger than a dolphin. There is a golden bridge leading over the water and to an African Savanna garden that leads up to the entrance. Out back, there is a similar garden and a pasture and a stable where Amazinzebra1998's zebras live peacefully.


Guest Rooms

Fun Rooms

Laser Tag Maze
Pet Room
Indoor Pool


Goodbye, fellow strangers!