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Motto: <generated>
Alignment: Pure Cocaine
Gold Fund: 277 c.u. c.u.
Date Founded: in place
Membership Count: Unknown
Town with Greatest Influence: Rutschgard (420%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 664 (194)
Pantheon of popularity Rank: -
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 950 (10)
Forum Headquarters: [??? UberGeeks]
Guild Page: UberGeeks 

Congratulations! You have found the most place to be on the internet!! To be honest with you, we haven't been fully honest with you this time, and this is probably just now only the best place of all internetian activity ever performed on this planets visible internet. It is called the GodWiki page of UberGeeks.

What does UberGeeks stand for?

UberGeeks in it's original form is a present self-materializzling boolkit, that comes in units of 6 to 45 sruges of 100% authenic elastomere spool-proofed B-randomness and is best served as a fresh, cold and sparkling beer.

Why should I determine my hero to the glory of the uberall geex!?

Ubertipp: Read the Wiki

Some histerical facts

  • Unbelievable as they are, UBER geeks was founded just two moments before the current universe came into existence.
  • Even though chewing gum is named chewing gum it is rather chewed than chewing.
  • Some facts that are not in this wiki can later be added by you.
  • In case of fire, watch out for repeating patterns, for it might only be a cheap gif animation.

Why our heroes are better than your

  • As an example we could take the mouse. But we instead choose Mount Everest.
  • Sometimes is always the most likely right amount of time invested.
  • 24.031% in 52222 case studies have proven the aforementioned question and fully meet the quality standard for higher observation (see: Helpful Links).
  • Of course there is evidence, to proove all these numbers.

So, if UberGeeks is so much on the rise, how can i start worshipping them?

It's very simple. Just print our logo onto a random piece of cloth. Then wear that bra and send us a selfie with your face and the printed logo clearly visible.

And why is this important?

  1. Join UberGeeks
  2. Worship UberGeeks
  3.  ???
  4. $$$

Ill legal notice

What you really don't need to know

We are not to be held responsible for anything that you or other people read on the internet. This includes visible material of any kind that comes to your mind while you read words like robot, kitten and/or myrapid. Both ways are misleading and should not be followed. If you still don't understand how that item could happen to pop up in your inventory's god, you should try remembering it.

Why it should still be interesting enough

That's totally up to you.

Final Remark

But how might a burger be tasted on the printed form of that article.