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Traveller of godville
Motto: if it's possible to get there I will do it. If it's impossible to get there I will do it anyway.
Guild Page: Traveller of godville 
Data current as of July 8

Who is the traveller?

The one and only Travelling deity. The Traveller is known by many names, so many that I don't think I'll list them here for fear of the time it will take. But you don't need to know what his name is to know what he stands for: Travelling. He roams from town to town marking down the names of all the gods he meets in Godville. Though he is always changing his looks, the last time he was seen he was wearing a fedora and dark clothing. Of course with his signature stick satchel.

His purpose

The Traveller believes he was created to circle the globe of godville (if, of course godville is a globe instead of flat like most claim) and mark down everyone that claims to be a god, or goddess for that matter. When he's done, he plans to revisit them all and inform them of how many deities that he has found.

How it works

The Traveller hitchhikes from one account to the other through the network of friends that live in godville. One person takes care of him and then when his endless questions get on their nerves they hand over the password to one of their friends to get rid of him. The pattern then repeats.

The rules are simple.

Rule #1 the most important rule is to pass this account on. You must pass it to someone active and you must do it within one week, preferably within a few days.

Rule #2 you must copy these rules and message them to the person you pass this account to.

Rule #3 you must post something about your stay with this account on the chronicles.

Rule #4 if you for any reason change the account password please send the new password to Strong Soul Located at the Blue Feather guild.

Other than that feel free to do whatever you want. Change his motto, his guild or even post something on the forum. Do pretty much anything to make your mark on his life.

things his caretakers have gone through

  1. 1. Strong Soul

“No guild” level 4. He wasn’t high enough to have a motto. (I hope you finish your mission, and you meet only the best of deities along the way.)

  1. 2. Neon-A.

“No guild” level 6. 2nd quest. He wasn’t high enough to have a motto. I hope you do well little one. Your duel record shall be interesting, if I see you again.

  • update 1. “No guild” level 9, 3 bricks gained! changed motto to “Wandering…” waiting on name change before passing on (minor spelling mistake)
  • update 2. “No guild” level 9, 4 bricks gained. still pending on the name change :/
  • final update “No guild”. level 10, 3 days old. Name changed! sending him on his way!
  1. 3. Ursina

Hero joined “legion of doom” guild on his own. 9 days old, level 12, has 3.2% bricks, 9/0 arena record, #25 duelers ranking, 3rd rank champion and favorite.

  1. 4. Stockholm Syndrome

Hero killed it in the arena. Also found a theme song “drifters escape” by Bob Dylan check Stockholm Syndrome in personal messages for Youtube link.

  1. 5. Werut

Get the Traveller account at level 13 and made him join “Ankh-Morpork City Watch”. Win 6 duels, lost 1 and also reached level 14. That’s all! Good luck to the next person.

  1. 6. Hairplug4men
  • First thing I did was changed his motto of “group hug?”. There will be no hugging while you’re under my watch little fella.
  • The next thing I did was made his Chronicles a little bit better by adding me to them. level 14 Age 13 days Personality wicked Guild Ankh-Morpork City Watch Monsters Killed about 2k Death Count 2 Wins / Losses 21 / 1 Bricks for Temple 6.3% Equipment carbon fiber sword of idiocy +5 basswood shield +5 armored dunce cap +9 shell of a giant crab +9 wedding ring +5 atomic high boots +7 amulet of refraction +5 Pantheons Gladiatorship 4718 Mastery 18226 Construction 8429 Survival 17225 Destruction 987 Duelers 7 Achievements Builder, 3rd rank Champion, 3rd rank Favorite, 3rd rank Invincible, 3rd rank Fiend, 3rd rank what’s next?
  1. 7. Krohnos
  • Changed motto to: “HomerSimpson get that doh” +33 golden bricks +1 friend request +9 starched cuffs +12 cup of woe +12 nobleman’s flail +11 rockstar’s jacket +12 hellboy’s cuffs +13 flea collar +12 chain-mail yarmulke +13 bulletproof monk +12 penguin armor +14 meat shield Lvl15 Tin throat lvl7 Hunter 3rd rank Pantheon of Storytelling: 1
  1. 8. Azzageddi
  • pushed the boundaries and bent the rules, but still managed to make it onto the list.

after a month long isolation, the traveller made his way back to his creator dazed and unsure of himself, and asked for guidance. *Strong Soul sent him to a dear friend to learn the ways of Charisma. He needed to accomplish his goal.

  1. 9. Karen19

“I thought him a joke.”

  1. 10. Strong soul

After the traveller was through learning his trade, he came back to me and asked for a new caretaker so he could restart his journey. I complied.

  1. 11.Sorph
  1. 12. Bawbags

My plans for The Drifter are simple. Be active in a new guild’s message board in an attempt at gaining as many friends and as large a following as I am able to aquire for the Drifter in the short time he is under my influence

  1. 13. Hera-Zeus: 12/8 – 12/15/2016
  • Logged in and our hero was dead.
  • Goals: keep him alive, improve his duel ranking, find him a pet.
  • Found a new pet, our beloved Timon, the Trojan Horse.
  • Changed motto from “Eat the red ones last” to “All who wonder are lost"
  • Did what she could to recreate the chronicles when they were lost.
  1. 14. Ink Mirror
  1. 15. Diabetic Chicken
  1. 16. Arona Almighty
  • I am pleased to be part of The Drifter’s travels by being caretaker. I took him under my wing on 12/31/2016 to 01/08/2017 (did some overtime as the successor wasn’t ready to take him in yet), and being the deity to celebrate the arrival of the new year with him.
  • He was in Knights who say Ni, decided to let him stay with the knights to get his cardinal. He is half way there now, hopefully the future caretakers will help him stay and get that Cardinal.
  • Changed his motto to “Let’s meet new people!”
  • Storytelling 12 – remained at 12 (at least we didn’t go down!)
  • Pet: Timon “Nimble” Species: Trojan horse, Level 7. A good pet that gives The Drifter quick rides to town and very pleasant company too! I hoped the future caretakers will be able to keep it till level 30. Grow fast and strong Timon!
  • Death Count 20 remained at 20 (nobody is dying on my watch!)
  • Wins / Losses 30 / 3, to 38 / 5. Smote some afks and couple of newbs. First loss, i blame it on a stupid second action full backfire. Second loss was totally my fault for making stupid mistake. Sorry about that :p.
  • Bricks for Temple 49.2% to 57.3% (81 bricks!) coulda gotten more if i didn’t hesitate on it =/
  1. 17. Pippypie

The Drifter became part of my life on 8/1/2017. It was my privilege and honor to be part of his life. Some of the fun we had together included:

  • Collecting bricks for his temple, up to 60%
  • Bringing his win/loss record to 44/5 (he loves dueling btw) Wish I could have done more.
  • Rose to rank 15 in jr. duelers. Won all of his duels, only one was afk.
  • Working on an epic quest (#211 Hitchhike to the other side of the Galaxy.) Seems like a very fitting one imo.
  • He had 1713 in coins, but being that he likes to drink…that’ll change.
  • Level 37 now—Woo hoo!
  • Monsters killed: 28050
  • Storytelling rose to 8. How did that happen? From his drinking?
  • His Talisman now is a friendship bracelet.
  • Timon, his Trojan horse grew to level 9. They grow up so fast.

Not saying the Drifter likes to get around, but he did visit Open Bar, had some drinks, ate some cookies, bought a round for the house and charged it all to Pippy. EliteXxPhoenix bought him two drinks in his guild. Visited Hug Central to partake in some hugs and give them too. Wandered around the forums, popping in and mouth…I mean contributing when he could.

Loved being part of the Knights of Ni guildchat. A super guild with really nice and welcoming people. I thank Arona for introducing me to the Traveller. This is an awesome experience. I know my successor will do even more in furthering his exploits. I look forward to watching and celebrating his journey! Best of luck, future Traveller companions.

  1. 18. I Am Not The One et alts

It seems that I’ll taking over The Drifter’s remote for the next few days and enjoying a temporary stay at “Knights who say Ni”… Well, I hope I take good care of the little guy and have some fun along the way. Time to jump in!

…And here I am! Hey Drifter! Hey Timon the Trojan horse. Oh, nice new level you’ve gained there! Just 20 more until Animalist, huh? Grow big and strong now!

Said “привет” to everyone in the GC and wandered around the forums as I’m traveling along on my mighty steed! Taps coconut. Also managed to make some new friends in the process too. Yaaaaay!

Changed The Drifter’s motto to “Taking the scenic route.” because it’s always nice to slow down and smell the roses once in a while. Plus, there were several teeny tiny bumps for him on the road recently. However, I believe there’s nothing that the Traveller couldn’t overcome with all of our help!

Managed to duel some with The Drifter… Ended up with one loss though. Silly me should have known better than to sleep duel… Oops! He does love to duel though, and I wished that I could have done more with him. XD

Now, it’s the time for me to go. I’ve truly enjoyed having The Drifter under my care, and I wish him the best of luck traveling in the future.

  1. 19. Divine Porcupine

On January 23rd, I (the greatest and most attractive god of all) was given complete and absolute control over the helpless Drifter! Let’s see how this goes…

I cancelled a guild-change qest and kept him in the Knights who say Ni guild. He’ll reach Cardinal before long; maybe he could get the Careerist achievement sometime.

Also noticed the Drifter’s alignment was on the dark side already so I tried punishing when I could to work toward the Fiend achievement, but didn’t get far enough before giving up the account to the next God.

Sadly, the drifter also died one night as I was sleeping, bringing his death count up to 22. :(

Good luck to the Drifter and his future Gods/Goddesses!

  1. 20. MrSlender

So, Divine Porcupine foolishly left this account under my nonexistent mercy. This will be a fun week. For me.

First thing I noticed was the alignment. The dark side huh? Fine with me. Punished him a few times.

“Aaaaand then I forgot to check for him. But I passed it on! That’s a plus, right?”

  1. 21. Toddster561 – Feb. 6, 2017

MrSlender has passed this account on to me, which seemed strange at first considering I never heard of an account such as this being ‘passed on’ from god to god. It seems like a fun concept. And What?! AN EVIL PERSONALITY?! Oh no no no, that will not do. If you guys don’t mind I’m turning him to the light side. I’m just very fond and was used to the good personality so much I just couldn’t think of using a hero with darkness in his heart. Plus it’s already spiteful, if it were pure evil I would have thought otherwise rather than wasting a handful of charges to turn him.

Aaaand now he has an aura of rage, my bad…

Immediately going into an arena duel because what is the use of these 31 charges if you don’t use them to smite your enemies?

Also it seems to be most fitting for the traveller to be granted the Careerist achievement since…well, he’s a traveler. So after he reaches cardinal in the Knights Who Say Ni, I’m hoping that his future caretakers would change his guild to the Wandering Wondering Weirdoes Wildlife and Preserve, basically a road stop for weird heroes such as the traveller.

His recorded statistics as of his passing on to me are as follows:

Level – 39 Motto – Take the Scenic Route Personality – Righteous (Changed him from spiteful to a kinder personality) Guild – Knights Who Say Ni (grand master) Bricks For Temple – 72.9% (16 bricks added since I took over) Won/Lost – 49/6 Pet – Timon the Trojan Horse (Level 12! Woot woot! Just 18 levels remaining!)

I hope the god/goddess who I will pass him on to will take care of him as compassionate as or better than the previous dieties who have taken care of him before me. Good luck y’all. Toddster out.

Aaaand I forgot to pass him…crap. I’m gonna fix that right away!

  1. 22. Hunky Zombie Feb. 15, 2017. 11:57pm

This account was passed on to me by Toddster just as I was about to go to sleep. The idea of such an account being passed to different gods is awesome, brilliant even. I plan to have fun annoying people in the forums and potentially getting to know the guildmates. I aim to keep him in the guild since he only has 27 days to get to Cardinal. Also I’m going to turn him evil :) I’m going to take this as my opportunity to be a bit more evil, a bit more sour with my approaches than I usually do on Godville. Obviously I’ll try not to get him banned, wouldn’t want to ruin it for the next person ;)

I was given a shrubbery when I greeted the guild, how nice :)

Sent the drifter to the arena and managed to get 3 gold bricks for losing! 74.4% now!

Punished him to the point of being spiteful. 10 charges left. I’ll save them for the next arena battle then punish him some more :D

Turns out I’m being less evil and annoying but more sad and lost in the forums. Oh well, I’ll just roll with it.

Some previous caretakers have noticed me, glad they haven’t given me away. Others are confused when I mention facts about them, I enjoy that :D

I seemed to have made a God named “Falcon King” happy by posting in the forums as the Traveller, how long has it been since the Traveller posted in the forums? Seems he was missed :)

Well… My identity seems to have been found out by some. Oh well, it was inevitable I guess. I’ll try to contain the amount of people that know :P

I turned the God, Times, into a time machine. He seems to be enjoying himself :)

Ayyyy! The drifter is now wicked! Feel the evil!

Welp… Got found out again. I should’ve left the writing of the chronicles for last if I wanted to mess with people. My bad… :P

  1. 23. Roahon march 4 8:36am

traveller level 41, still in knights who say ni, and almost to cardinal.

the traveller was passed to me by Hunky zombie in the wee hours of the morning. when i got the traveller i was very happy, it was gonna be awesome carrying up a legacy like this. then i forgot to do things for like two weeks. i posted four times and got found out right away. yep, little bit of a failure on my part. oh well, anyways, as i write this, i have already passed the account to someone else and i hope they do an awesome job with the traveller. also i will be the first one to break the line of control from people in the guild “wandering wandering weirdos wildlife and Preserve.” I also hope that after the traveller reaches cardinal in the knights who say ni guild, someone has him head to the weirdos guild. anyways, this is Roahon god of all blood and madness signing out.

  1. 24. Torray march 19, 6:25 PM

Became Cardinal among the knights finally.

The great and famous Roahon passed the traveller onto me in the guise of QueenRoRo. I didn’t expect to carry on the legacy to be honest, and my life was exploding in front of me as it happened, but I couldn’t turn down the offer. Not many things transpired during my stay as the wanderer of all godville, besides me posting on the forums as him trying to be inconspicuous while punishing and keeping him in an evil alignment. I managed to keep him in the Guild long enough for him to achieve cardinal and all is “good”. I also befriended myself so I could chat with whoever the next traveller would be.

With that said and done, I now pass the torch. Drops metaphorical mic.

  1. 25. DiamondHard march 26, 7:20 PM

After much teasing, the merciful god Torray decided that it was my time to take care of the renowned Traveller Of Godville. To be honest, I just did what I do best (and god knows I’m still terrible at it) : punish, melt bricks, and duel. Managed (somehow) to not lose in the arena, what a time to be alive! He’s now very close to getting his very own temple. Like an adoptive pet that I knew I would have to release in the wild one day, I will now leave him be, and let his next owner take care of him.

  1. 26. Ngma, 2017.04.02

Under mysterious forces of the universe that actually did not involve questionable backroom dealings, the god DiamondHard decreed that I should become the 26th master of the Traveller of Godville™.

Hopefully a future master will honor the wish of those who came before and settle our Drifter in the Wandering Wondering Weirdoes Wildlife and Preserve one day, but for now, I sent him to Harvest Moon for his 2nd careerist achievement. After kicking some and getting kicked in return (I’m so sorry ;_; me no good enough) I saw our Drifter finish dueling season 11 with a new achievement of Dueler 2nd rank. He now has a 68/10 w/l ratio, 93.2% temple completion, died 30 deaths, and continues to ride Timon the Superior lv17 trojan horse (3 months 21 days and counting) into the sunset and beyond.

Continue strong, Mr. Traveler. You shall be passed but not surpassed.

  1. 27. Pysrilexot 10/4/17

I received the pleasure of controlling this lil freak in the middle of that little April fool’s joke the devs played on us… I still have nightmares of those days, so many monsters going unstabbed shudder… anyway Traveller did a lot of travelling and killing (when he finally realised he’d been being duped) and only tried to leave his guild once (for which he was punished severely with the pointiest stick I could find), he just might get the careerist achievement yet! Well I guess there’s nothing left to do but pass it on. Goodbye, young Traveller, I will never forget the week we spent together.

  1. 28. Doyunomi 12 April 2017

Seemingly out of nowhere, the god Pysrilexot passed on the famous The Traveller of godville to sweet little me. Teehee. I was suprised when this happened, but I was honored to watch over The Drifter… and treat him to some booze and sweets. :D

The first thing I noticed about The Drifter was that he’s a member of Harvest Moon, and then second that his alignment was neutral. I was like, “No no no. That won’t do. Join the dark side, we have super yummy delicacies you’ll never forget.” He was given a spicy appetizer of punishment, which then was followed by the savory main course of arena dueling. Hehehe. X3

It was fun watching over him through the course of a few days. We spent time in the arena together, melting bricks together, leveling up his skills together, buying new equipment together, eating chocolate chip cookies together, and even changed his motto from “Hey my motto got changed!” to “I ain’t lost!” together.

Some of his stats: Level 44 Temple: 95.8% to 99.3% Wins/Losses: 68/10 to 74/10 Storytelling: 10 to 8 Pet: Timon the Trojan Horse (level 18)

But alas, I feel it’s time to send him to someone else. Bye bye, The Drifter, I won’t forget the time we spent together! Teehee. :3

Best wishes to The Drifter and his future deities! :D

  1. 29. Autumn Beat 22 April 2017

It was late in the evening when my friend Doyunomi approached me with The Drifter in tow. She asked me if I wanted me to keep him for a while before passing him off to the next person. I said okay, so I became The Drifter’s caretaker for the time being. (✿´・v・)

The poor thing had so many scars that made him cruel and resentful; he ended up with a face like this: (メ゚皿゚). I wanted to ease him of his past traumas by healing and encouraging him, but that will affect his reputation as a member of the Harvest Moon guild. As a result, I was a bit uneasy punishing him. He also died when I wasn’t looking. Oops. (゚艸゚;)

On a positive note, The Drifter completed his temple during my watch, and had a successful campaign in his (and my) first dungeon. Hurray! (≧∀≦) (I encouraged him to keep him alive, so his personality went “up” toward spiteful.)

How he’s grown under my watch:

  • Personality: cruel → spiteful → wicked
  • Guild: Harvest Moon (follower → master)
  • Bricks for temple: 99.3% to 100%!
  • Wood for Ark: 1.7%
  • Level: 44 → 45
  • Won/lost 74/10 (unchanged)
  • Death count: 31 → 32

Pet: Timon the Trojan Horse Lvl 18 → 19

Before I end my entry, I just want to make a suggestion: every one who is/has been in contact with this account may need to create back ups for The Drifter’s chronicles. We wouldn’t want his journey to be suddenly wiped out as if it didn’t happen. But in case it did, just contact any god or goddess on the roster who has a copy, and the chronicles should be restored good as new. (・ω・)

Safe travels, The Drifter. I have grown fond of you and I am honored to be a part of your story as it unfolds. (・∀・)ノ

  1. 30. Derelict Red 04/28/2017

The Drifter, dreaming of discovery, wanders into naught but hollow sights and desolate throes of dying creation. He is a witness to dwindling time, fading light, and lifeless hope; his journey will be the unearthing of his own disillusion. Perhaps he already knew the outcome, and is only walking till his feet dissipate from under him and he passes through the veil.

I brought him the farthest, to the pinnacle of evil, to help him survive. Times to arrive will herald his and all our demise; he must be cruel to stay alive, otherwise, his heart would wither and die. Now, in despondence it will wither, but the remaining husk will not crumble and blow away, but breed fire and ice, his spark of life locked in a grip of vice that will sustain his burning soul.

“I am doth defiled”, the Traveller explores and reveals nature, and thus observes the depraved iniquity inherent even in the choking dust of his road. The friends he seeks to attain, will not help him in the encroaching age, they will shrivel away when he calls for aid, as if they never ever were.

Here’s to you, Traveller, and wait for the Rebirth. Then you will mean something, and your journey will prevail. Hold on and keep walking, despite your aching heart.

  • Number 1 in destruction.
  • Achieved Animalist rank 2.
  • Canceled a change guild quest.
  • Found seven friend invites for the Drifter.
  • Submitted the first ideas into the ideabox.
  • Bothered the forums.

Whomever comes next, keep the Drifter walking. Movement is paramount, the submergence is following in his steps.

  1. 31. Lusamine 04/29/2017

In the solitude of the night, the traveler arrived at my doorstep, scarred and charred from holding onto the pantheon of destruction, enwrapped in pitch darkness and brimming with despair and despondency. Oh how much have the Leader of the Forsaken Ones, Derelict Red, influenced him in just a week! Before the last gleam of sunshine fades from his soul (Derelict, what have you done to the poor man?), I hasten to nurse him back to his once cheerful and hopeful self.

  • Motto: I am doth defiled —> Oh the places I’ll go
! Keep the spirit of wandering and wondering up, little one!
  • Visited a couple of guild threads to meet old friends.
  • A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles._
  • Wood: 2.6% —> 4.8%
  • Dropped dungeons as much as I could for logs. Let’s get our little man an ark quickly so he can go on more adventures!_
  • Savings: 130 thousand —> 185 thousand

  • Made him save more for his retirement plans. (Miss Pippypie makes a nice wife, don’t you agree?)_
  • Accumulated more charges for the next deity to utilise.

Unfortunately, our time together has come to an end today. It has been a pleasure to walk with the Traveller for a week and I will be sending him off to a powerful deity to watch over him as he journeys on.

“You do not travel if you are afraid of the unknown. You travel for the unknown, that reveals you within yourself” Continue your journey fearlessly and you shall find out the truth. It’s a little sad to part, but I’ll be watching you from afar.

  1. 32. Lord77 05/5/2017

The Traveller is lost.

Bewildered and uncertain, The Drifter enters my temple, already engaged in a search for yet another guild. Clearly the time spent in Harvest Moon is not to be wasted. Thus, the search is ended, and a new direction given.

“Shipwright, 3rd rank” – One log needed.

Before I can mount the next expedition to the catacombs, however, the lad stumbles across an undeclared log, achieving his rank.

Well…That was convenient.

Nonetheless, gains are to be achieved, not just given. So, down to the dungeon he went, where luck would have it, friends await in a Surprise, as do the bosses. He survives, but not without cost as evidenced by his trophies:

- Rib of the Nachomancer - Ear of the Flashmobster - Ear of the Hangoverlord

Still, the additional log is welcomed and his achievement now earned.

Thanks to GV’s 7th birthday, The Traveller greatly improves his charge count. He is most appreciative, and using the new found GP, two more dungeons are visited by The Drifter.

Sadly, with the first, he has no friends. All are strangers, and true to his name, directionless. Thankfully, with a few voice commands, The Drifter leads the team to a nominal winning trove, but with log gain and additional birthday granted charge.

The second dungeon, friends await in numbers. Another charge and little cost gains The Drifter an additional log for his building ark.

I blame Damitt.

Now 11 logs and 30+ charges richer than when he arrived, it is time to send this wanderer and his god onward to another.

The story continues…

  1. 33. Athomick 05/12/17

The Traveller saw many dungeons and was seen by many players. Athomick spends a lot of time running different alts and almost forgot about The Drifter a few times. We acquired logs and cancelled a guild change quest. The Drifter is nearing careerist 2nd rank.

  1. 34. Arrowgargantuan 05.20.17-05.27.17

Many thanks to Athomick for letting me be a part of this. Also much thanks to Strong Soul for coming up with the idea. It’s brilliant!!

Well, onto the good stuff. Once I got control of The Drifter I gave him a lavish gift of 250 charges.

My goal was pretty straight forward:

1. I wanted our hero to be Number 1 in a pantheon…any pantheon really.

2. I wanted to dungeon as much as my free time would allow me to.

Being that our hero is a Moonie I picked the Pantheon of Destruction to dominate. I punished the crap out of The Drifter and our hero had claimed the top spot in almost no time at all.

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Other Noteworthy Achievements

19 successful dungeon runs.

Our pet Timon gained 2 levels (pet rez level up + standard level up)

Achieved 2nd Rank Fiend

Achieved Level 48 and got fairly close to level 49

Motto Change Oh the places I’ll go → Ol’ Dirty Traveler

Died twice.

Added 28 charges to be used by the next lucky Gods (78)

I really wanted to get the 2nd Rank Raider achievement but it just wasn’t in the cards. Our hero is right on the cusp of that so I’m sure he’ll have that in no time.

Well, that’s it for me hero. It’s been a blast and I’ll make sure to check up on you from time to time. Good luck in all your future endeavors!

  1. 35. Xzzwxs

Round number in the same way bananas are square. Which is to say not at all.

The god ignored him for a full week. As a result, much was accomplished, including a level up and a death. Fantastic!

Motto changed to “Medium πmping”

  1. 36. Portico – 7/19/17

This little fella was given to me after he’d been abandoned for a bit. We had fun, him and I. Won some duels, raided a few dungeons and even successfully healed our knocked-out pet.

Unfortunately, I had the company of The Traveller during a very busy week in the Roundworld. I really wish I could’ve done more, but I was happy to be a part of his history.

I will now change his motto to “Porti was here! ? >_>” and set him free. <3

  1. 37. TaiJuan – 7/27/17

He appeared well-fed, fit, and ambulatory when I received him. We didn’t do any dueling, but did have fun in dungeons.

He advanced to Raider 2nd Rank. I also brought him to Coach 3rd Rank, as it was low-hanging fruit and he had a light breakfast that day.

Timon increased from level 26 to 27. Wood for the Ark went from 18.3% to 21.3%. Savings from 782k to 936k. Charges from 81 to 84. I stopped him from changing guilds today, 4 days before becoming Cardinal in his current guild, Harvest Moon. His motto is now Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’.

Happy trails, Drifter!

  1. 38. The 123 8/19/2017

Unfortunately, this god has been busy and did not get much interaction with this fine Traveler. I enjoyed our few dungeons and arena’s we did. Some accomplishments:

Broke the 1 million mark on savings! He only needs 28.9m more! Wood for ark up to 24% Saved his level 27 pet with great speed, he’s now level 28! Won 3 out of 4 arena matches – an accomplishment in that this god hasn’t checked the arena out for years!

Unfortunately burned a fair amount of charges in arena and a dungeon to get coins to resurrect Timon. He’s got 65 as I leave the helm.

It turns out this Traveler is intimidating. It took me quite a few gods to find one who was willing and excited to take over the lead!

Best wishes to this Traveler of Godville! I leave you in good hands!

  1. 39. Dogess 8/25/2017

The Drifter and I beat up a couple of AFKs in the arena and struck it rich in a couple of dungeons (upgraded a skill!). He’s up to 25% Wood for Ark and has reached Level 53. While I think it would be great for him to get Careerist, I didn’t want to choose where to send him so I figured I’d leave that up to someone else (Oy! The pressure! I just couldn’t do it.)

He’s heading off with 67 charges. His new motto is “Who are you talking to?” because I think that’s the most fun thing about seeing the Traveller in dungeons and whatnot: I never know who he’s with at the moment and see every chance meeting as an opportunity to meet a new person in Godville. It’s been an honor to be a part of the adventure.

Have fun, little buddy!

  1. 40. Almighty of here 25.08.2017

The Traveller came into my care because Strong Soul wanted someone to try out dungeon and record the experience. So after Dogess passed the Traveller to me, that was the first thing I did.

My first dungeon was a fun experience, mostly I met a lot of difficulties and actually got through them. A friend promised to drive me, but we missed each other. My dungeon was a Vault of Hotness, which I have heard is the hardest. The heroes stumbled around and I realized no one was driving. So there I was driving alone in my first dungeon. But after a lot of errors and with a lot of luck, I managed to get to the treasure without using a charge. Pretty good for a first dungeon! So glad I did the reading and preparation before.

I did some more dungeons afterwards, drove almost half of them, and managed to find treasure in most. Dungeon is really fun so I’m going to get my hero to temple as fast as I can!

I also decided to introduce the Traveller into RP for a short while. Had a little fun with him. Hopefully the story can continue for the next few players.

Timon leveled up in my care, yay! He just need one more level to reach 30. Drifter died twice while in my care sad face but that could not be helped. Got 24 logs and 132k savings this week. I think that’s pretty good, especially considering the Drifter dying twice with 20k on him.

Finally sent the guild change vc when my time with the traveller is coming to an end. I had fun with the Moonies. The Traveller will be joining a small, new guild. Hope the next player will have fun with him.

Fly free, traveller!

  1. 41. Lumilla (Written by Corvus Silver) 9.25.2017

Lumilla took control of the account, including him in the role play at Heirs of the Pantheon. Sadly, she disappeared from Godville during this time, and has not returned as of this writing. The poor traveller has been in a limbo of sorts, awaiting the winds of fate. Now I write this to let others know why the traveller stopped travelling, even if for a short time. Now he is released and returned into the wild. Sorry to the 3 or so gods who would have otherwise gotten a turn during this time.

Well, onwards!

  1. 42. Tha Saxon. 28/09/2017

Became a quick custodian of The Traveller. Often seem him around and now became my turn. First thing I did was to get him into the 100 one hundred in the arena. He was really close anyway. Was just one duel.

Did a couple of dungeons with him. He was fun to go with.

The traveller got his Martyr 2nd rank.

Changed the guild he was in. Was a bit too quiet. Sent him to Anhk-Morpork City Watch. Will be nice seeing the wonderful people there.

Bought 45 charges for the next lucky fellow.

  1. 43. Sk1mm3dM1lk 27/09/2017

Just got The Drifter in my hands and he is currently at level 54. Instantly tried my first dungeon, and it was successful. Hopefully with The Drifter at my side I will become a quick master of the dungeon.

I changed his motto to More Hands?More Beers. It is only befitting seeing that I am a Nauti indeed. And just for the record, the best kind of beer there is, is another one.

When I got The Drifter from Tha Saxon he just joined the guild of Ankh-Morpork City Watch. So I decided to leave him there and see what is going on there.

  1. 44. Grj 10-25-2017

I had The Drifter for a week. He is now more than halfway through level 55. I took him on several dungeon raids. Together we got 12 more logs, saved almost 100K, and joined Nautilus Guild.

  1. 45. Bob thee Terrible 11-2-2017

Today marks the glorious day that I have been able to escort the drifter on his perilous quest to finish his quest info order to finish other quest. Currently he is lvl 55 and will obtain 56, maybe even 57. he’s still only a follower and like most other diety I will try and have him stay. maybe some day the drifter can own his own guild as he travels godville info search of the fungal quest. I solemnly swear I will protect him with my life and pass him on to a worthy successor.

Here we are enjoying our second beautiful day together! Running in and out of reality. Nothing much has happened lately. We took on some beast and drank some beers. Normal day in the life of the traveler!

  1. 46. InfiniteCircle 12/11/2017

Completed quest #599 and became the 207th member of the guild “Guild Name” Best defined as minimal and comfortable nothing flashy or swank rather tasteful and moderately refined, I think

Updated motto to “Just passing through”

Gained a level and gathered more logs. Discovered that if I should happen to get 3ab parts there might be much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Especially if it’s a matching part or a part someone doesn’t have. Much ado about nothing but not to some it seems.

Visited numerous guild forums the and left a few brief poems: Asylum

Harvest Moon

Hug Central

Guild Name

Fare thee well Traveller of Godville I’ll always recall when you passed through Recall fondly the time spent with you Here today and there tomorrow A new friend to follow Each step a journey No need to hurry Just passing through…

  1. 47. Mommitude 12/23/17

I was offered to help guide the traveller for a little while, starting today.

Stats as of today: God Traveller of godville Hero The Drifter 庙畜 Level 57 Quest: #613: Plant an escape root Motto: Passing through… Age 1 year 5 months Personality: kind Guild: Guild Name (follower) Monsters Killed: about 81 thousand Deaths: 56 Won / Lost: 81 / 14 Temple Completed at 04/14/2017 Wood for Ark 42.5% Savings 2M, 107k (7.0%) Milestones passed:137 PetTrojan horse Timon 34-th level

Equipment: Weaponsword of irony +67 Shieldirresistible force field +67 HeadGuy Fawkes mask +66 Bodycustom skin +67 Armsnoodly appendages +68 LegsPandora’s boxers +68 Talismanjar of sunlight +66

Skills: slap of the whale 35-th level quantum fireball 29-th level self-cloning 29-th level eye scream 26-th level elbow bite 26-th level liana-eyebrows 26-th level mega-bite 25-th level flying bird 22-nd level tin throat 21-st level pathological honesty 17-th level

Pantheons: Gratitude − Might 19431 Templehood 23234 Gladiatorship1287 Storytelling 1 Mastery 6441 Duelers735 Taming 685 Survival 5881 Savings 5857 Creation 3481 Arkeology 6128 Catch − Unity 3 Popularity 7 Duelery 5 Adventure 2

  • Updated motto to “Just passing through”, as mentioned by Infinite Circle.
  • Edited the chronicles in order to fix some spelling errors & formatting errors.
  • Voted every submission in the ideabox.
  • Decided to find as many forum threads as possible to post anything related to my travels as I could
  • posted a player’s mention from my diary on their guild forum thread
  • Decided to try to join “Wandering Wondering Weirdos Wildlife and Preserve” guild.
  • Noted the following diary entries that are perfect for the Traveller during my “stay”:

Diary Entry: 03:37 I’m not homeless. I’m just an extreme camper.

Diary Entry: Good friends are hard to come by. At least I know I’ll always have you, Luminous One.

hugs to you, may you make friends wherever you go and have many wonderful stories to tell! 😊

  1. 48. Woody Pecker 12/30/17

There was a knock on the door rousing me from my sweet sweet sleep. And another, and yet another. There was some light cursing following this, before the door of a car banged shut and it drove away. I thought that was the end of the weird happenings, but i was wrong. I could see there is someone outside the door, and that the said person had decided to make the porch their home. I was baffled. What in the world could be happening. Although I have never been able to take curiosity well, the fear of the unknown was too much for me. I decided that i will just wait for a while and hope whoever it is leaves.

An hour passed. Another did. The person outside showed no signs of moving. The sun set, the temperature dropped and in time i fell asleep. Even after i woke up in the morning there was nothing to show that whoever it is, is planning to give up. Mustering up all my courage, i opened the door a crack and peeked out. There was a guy sleeping outside with a small sack for a pillow. My heart went out for him. I lightly roused him and invited him in. He must have been hungry but i don’t believe in free food, so sent him into the Arena to earn the same. He had a spectacular victory. Someone as good as that at beating up others, needs to be friended so that he doesn’t do the same to you. So, i tried to initiate conversation, to find out more about his life. What i got to know was nothing short of incredible. It seems he has been drifting from one place to another, exploring places, getting to know people, laughing with them, and at times, giving them company in their sorrow. It was not the case that he didn’t have any roots, but that his roots spread far and wide. The entire Godville is his home, and everyone here his mate. What a life to have! We talked well into the night, and dozed off unbeknownst to each other.

I was so glad to have company for the new year, that too with someone as remarkable as him. The dawn brought along with it not just a new day, but a new year. We were close now, the drifter and I, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to earn his keep. I sent him into the arena again, but he was unable to find anyone to fight. Could it be that other opponents are beginning to get afraid of him? We need to come up with strategies to remedy this! So, we put our heads together and made a master strategy. I sent him again, and but no luck. Changed one of the stars in the sky to increase his odds, and sent him again, and BINGO! He matched an afk and had an easy win. So, we had a lavish brunch. I had to leave to help out some friends, so left him at home to do as he wishes. Since I was going to bring back some dinner rather than cooking it at home, I told him that he would have to go to arena and win once more sometime before i get back. He smiled and nodded.

When i did get back, I found him really depressed. Only after much prodding did he tell that he had gone to duel and lost. It seems he hates losing duels, but loves duelling so much that he keeps going back. Is he a Masochist? Anyway, although he didn’t really earn it, I shared what I had brought back. That night, I decided to help him duel, and get to the top. I can just about recollect that someone had wished that he be brought up to the top of some pantheon and a different fellow god had wished to make him formidable at duelling. So, I guess I can try doing that while he is with me. After the meal, I told him what I have decided. He was more than receptive to the suggestion but said that he wanted to come to terms with the last loss, so would like to crash sooner.

The training started early next morning. I was going to train him for just two days but make sure he gets everything down right. I sent him to arena and watched over him carefully, ready to jump in and save. He matched the famed cement truck and got an easy victory. His next fight was against Shaiira Patique. Due to insufficient knowledge about the opponent, my advise was to tread carefully, since there are many possum players in the arena. It seems that was right indeed. Shaiira started fighting back near the end, but it was too little and too late. Regardless this gave me an opportunity to explain to Drifter about how miracles can be useful in duels, so it was a good experience for him. Drifter found himself confronting Ulti next. This was going to be a difficult fight, he was #4 last season. I kept guiding Drifter and supporting him so that we can pounce upon Lady Luck as soon as she looks at us. Pounce on her, capture her and keep her imprisoned. The opportunity came near the end of the second set. There was a 5% chance of loss, and it looked as good as it got, so we pushed through and had a really close victory. The next was Yomamamama. It dawned upon me that I actually didn’t know many of the duellers. He was tough even though I had not known him. We both worked together to finally somehow wrest a victory from the jaws of defeat. The next opponent was similar. But following that, when we matched Tapsel, I guess we were a bit overconfident. We should have waited till TGR has decided to favor us. I was beginning to teach him about action-locking opponents, and he was trying it out. The duel started to stretch for a while and then we had 4 full backfires, with Tapsel having none. I am glad we had a fight like that. I was able to explain to the Drifter that not all fights can be won. There are some fights that just can’t be won. No matter how hard one were to try. I guess the only way would be to woo TGR, but he was not ready for that yet. And also, since he likes to travel, doing that would ground him. The next 3 duels were crazy difficult, against Bill Johnson, Cursius and Heybaybay. We almost lost multiple times, but endured the onslaught and kept waiting, and waiting. When finally Lady Luck smiled upon us, we grabbed her hand and ran. Ran like we never had, pressed on as hard as we ever could, and we were able to emerge victorious.

That was the end of my training. I believed I had taught the Drifter all i could. So i let him go to arena one last time, to see if he can hold his ground. He matched Dungeon Raider. But was able to follow what i had taught and come out on the top.

We both were satisfied. It was time to bid the drifter goodbye. I had taught him what i could about duelling, and he gave me company when i needed it the most, when my heart was really broken. I am really glad the Drifter came into my life when he had. My wishes will always be with him and he can drop by whenever he wants to. My doors will always be open to him. For ever and ever. Goodbye Drifter, know that you will be sorely missed.

  1. 49. Point of Origin January the fifth, twenty eighteen – twentyseven ninety seven g.e.

I have been familiarized with The Drifter and his noble purposes for some time. I wondered if he would come to be under my guidance at some point of his journey through Godville, and if I would ever get to mark down my name besides all the great gods that have undertaken such illustrious and epic quest. So, when the arena master and most honored dueler Woody Pecker, asked me if I wanted to be The Drifter’s next guardian, there was no way in Lostway I would turn him down. I found our traveler at the ripe young age of one year and six months (five hundred and forty seven days old), level fifty eight, with a kind but decisive personality. At that time he was a follower of the Guild Wandering Wondering Weirdos Wildlife and Preserve, roaming their halls with his trusty, level thirty five Trojan horse, Timon. His ark was almost halfway through with four hundred and forty six logs. His perspective store though, was still a far sight, having amassed two million one hundred and ninety seven thousand gold coins, enough maybe for a little gourmet grounded hog kebab stand in the fanciest part of Herowin. He had also about eighty three thousand monster kills under his belt, fifty six deaths of his own and the great arena record of ninety three wins and sixteen losses. And, most important of all, was occupying the top of seniors duelers pantheon, after some impressive victories against a few of the best fighters in Godville. The bar had truly been set high, and I was not one to lower it. My goals for The Drifter were, to the best of my abilities, keep him in the top of duelers and get him as high as possible in gladiatorship, for that I decided he should be among some of the best, so I sent him to Harvest Moon for inspiration. I planned also to keep a steady flow of logs coming and work a little on his coach achievement.

After one week of The Drifters company, I feel I did well by his history. Guided him through multiple dungeons, where he gathered himself a decent amount of gopher wood, sparred a series of old and new friends and after nine ups and two downs in the arena, he managed to continue the good work he had brought from when Woody Pecker had him under his wing as he completed 1st rank invincible, crossed the one hundred wins barrier and held his place in duelers pantheon, where he always wore Plug’s 🌛 Pub jersey as a way of thanking Hairplug4men for his support, even though he did, quite rudely but ultimately unsuccessfully, try to bite the hand that fed him. But I take full responsibility for that, both for teaching him that there are no friends in arena and for failing to provide him effective support with his finishing strike.

So, in the end of our journey together, I let The Drifter go with a sense of accomplishment and the sure knowledge that he left his mark in my story as much as I left in his. Your next guide awaits and they are far more awesome than this one that leaves you now. So long, Drifter.

  1. 50. Nightscare 01/11/17

I had the honour of the Traveller for a week, and I didn’t let him off easy! Whilst his motto and guild remained unchanged, his win streak in the arena did not wait. 13 wins in the arena (and no losses) against some tough opponents put the Traveller at 725.7 points in the dueler rankings, remaining pretty firmly at #1. Plenty of dungeons were enjoyed, gaining him 28 logs for his future ark.

He, as well as Timon, his Trojan Horse, also went up a level, and resisting some, but not all, temptations, managed a measly 49K into savings. Looks like this will take him a while yet…

And it is now, with a heavy heart, that I pass him onto the next God or Goddess, who I hope takes care of him. I look forward to watching his progress. Good luck Traveller!

  1. 51. The Real Nicolas Cage, until the 24th of January, 2018

I have been passed this task of carrying on with the Traveller’s guilt trip by the lovely Nightscare! Although I hadn’t focused much on doing Arena (having won 3 and lost 1), my primary approach was to get as MANY logs as possible, attempting to get the Ark built asap. During my babysitting term, I’ve managed to:

1. Get the wood collected to build the ark up to >50%, leaving it at 51.3%. Yay! 2. Level up to level 60! Getting old, eh? 3. Keep Timon, the fuzziest and cutest Trojan horse alive! Woohoo! 4. Temporarily lose the dueler’s rank to #2. Here’s to hoping the next person snatches it back to #1! 5. Managed to meet a very handsome barmaid over Bumchester who’s not willing to answer me. If you happen to read this, please call me before I switch towns again, as I do travel a lot!

As a side note, and hopefully, for future tenants to come: please do note that other players’ chronicles are to be rated accordingly, not in a silly way just to obtain the #1 spot on the Storytelling pantheon. We’re all good sports, and the Traveller’s chronicles should earn their spot willingly, or else there’s no fun about it! Just like my Oscar award has been obtained legitimately, so should the Traveller’s prizes! winks eye

Lastly, here’s to hoping the Traveller keeps giving us all many joys to come, making it the most successful character Godville has ever seen.

So long! Ta-ta!

  1. 52. Keta Kyta S Indigo, originally from 24 January to 31 January, 2018, but kept control of the account until 1 February.

On a really weird and unexpected day The Fake Real Nicholas Cage passed onto me the following quest;

Become the 52nd owner of the Traveller of godville

Well… this will be fun!

And so I became the owner! And I thought it would be really interesting to explore the many guilds of Godville and their cultures and gossips and to get to know other people and… nah, I think I’ll just remain this guy in Harvest Moon. Plus he’s already at master rank. And he ought to get the Careerist 1st rank achievement, seriously; what kind of Traveller wouldn’t wander cluelessly without showing off his shiny gold medal?

But don’t worry, we didn’t stay shut in the comfy walls of Harvest Moon, the Traveller and I decided to pay a visit to the forums, guild threads specifically, and left some drawings representing the guilds we visited. All can be found in this Dropbox folder.

Notice: I didn’t expect to go to the Open Bar thread as well, but Woody Pecker requested otherwise. And I also had to leave a drawing to these following guilds, but didn’t do it in time because I can be a lazy bum I didn’t have enough time.

Ankh-Morpork City Watch Knights who say Ni … And we dungeoned too! And this was another opportunity to show off my driving skills…!

1) Dungeon 1

Juggling through 2 dungeons (Silver Syncamore needs managing too), but when I was finished with one, drove to treasure avoiding the boss like a pro.

2) Dungeon 2

Someone tried to drive over me and bring us to the TB, but I managed to avoid it after a lot of voices and a PM to said driver (thanks Brihtnoth!). In a surprise, to clarify.

3) Dungeon 3

Okay I admit, I was just lucky in this one, but since it went well I take my pride in it.

On a side note, The Drifter got to know my main hero, Silver Syncamore. That’s how it went…

Drifter: hi. Silver: hi… Drifter: how are you? Silver: good, I guess… Drifter: nice to meet you… Silver: yeah… Drifter: … Silver: …

Like goddess, like hero…

Final Stats

Level: 59 → 60 Motto: Sponsored by Plug’s 🌛 Pub (how did the previous owner insert 26 chars?!) → Hi 🌙 Goodbye Age: 1 year 6 months (573 days) Personality: gentle Guild: Harvest Moon (master) (chief master ― 10 days) Monsters Killed: about 88 thousand Deaths: 53 Won / Lost: 118 / 19 Wood for Ark: 51.3% → 52.9% (useful epic quest is useful) Savings: 2M, 547k (8.5%) Pet: Trojan horse Timon 36-th → 37-th level

Well… it’s time to let you free and say goodbye; I’m pretty sure you’ll have fun with the next owner! Definitely…

  1. 53. Megabot

So, guess who raised his hand when ticket number 53 was called out! Me! I meant ME!(Come on! Keep up!)

ToG LoGs

1st February – Lost in Transit! The Forsakens Lament and Harvest Moon Headquarters are not exactly on the same page street now, are they?! (I mean, I had to walk a long way :P)

Highlight of the Week (for TL;DRs)

Achievement – Coach 2nd rank

More of a community effort rather than personal. The support for traveller was phenomenal and with 35 spars in 7 days the target was easily achieved. To everyone who helped – THANK YOU! Wouldn’t have been possible without you! Special mention – Divine Porcupine (and his 7 alter egos!)

Random Stats (for Geeks)

•Motto – “Sis Semper Calumniam” (Had to match my main somehow!) •Account possession – 2nd to 8th February. •35 Spars. •25 Dungeons. All successful. (Side note – Charges used 40 :P) •7 Day Streak – Crossword. Check! •150K in Saving. Check! (Moneybag 3rd rank coming soon) •15 gopher logs. Check! •#666 Quest – Reach for the stars and grab one! •575 days and counting for the traveller! •4 deaths. All from opening various artifacts. •12 new friends. •Stayed in HM*moon smiley* (Careerists 1st rank in progress!)

Personal Notes (for Friends and Family)

I have been following the Traveller for a couple of months now. Didn’t expect to be a part of the journey though. Not without a fully completed ark and at least 3 alts! But, I guess it pays to know the man wearing HP4M’s sock.

The experience at Harvest Moon was amazing! Thanks to a lot of amazing people. Special mention – Nyx of Darkness (insert cute cat pictures)

Benefits from having the account? Networking! Made friends with and got to talk with at least 25 new Gods/Goddesses. With invites being a rare commodity in game, this felt like a great perk. Some were kind enough to add my main as a friend too! Special Mention – SourceRunner (and his Ideabox tips)

It’s been a nice week. Megabot, signing off! (See you on the other side!)

Ohh almost forgot. Lastly, forwarding this account to…..

  1. 54. Bibinoth

Awww yeah. I’ve had fun.

To start with, I didn’t understand the motto ‘Sis semper calumniam’ as I don’t speak Latinese, and no one has done so for at least five centuries except for one seriously deranged individual. I thought the Drifter needed to have some child-friendly and highly literary input somewhere, so I gave him the motto down the rabbit hole 🐰 because if you need a famous writer who very much loved children, who else but Lewis Carroll? Besides, the amount of times the Drifter needs to go into dungeons and the pretty rabbit picture will ensure this motto to be both accurate and popular.

Having said that, the Drifter has been accused of having an unsavory, vulgar, perverted double entendre as its motto by some highly cynical individual. Vile and crass slander!

Under my guidance, the Drifter has been accused of a lot more things. One of these is that he was accused of being someone antithetic to the father, teacher, pillar of the community, upstanding citizen et cetera that I am. Curious about this whole ‘roll-playing’ thing of our millennial players, I tried to play the part as well as possible and managed to trick some dear friends of mine into believing I was a young German millennial.

At least, it worked until I screwed up and blew my cover big time. You may have noticed: Bibinoth was not made for subtlety and subterfuge and subways (but well-adapted to sub-zero temperatures). Can’t fool Ngma for that long anyway, it turns out (she noticed a difference in comma and stop usebetween me and said someone) (better not mess with Ngma, she’ll do a thorough writing analysis and go all CSI on you).

Other than that, having Babynoth on the way and the other fruit of my loins being highly demanding prevented me from using Traveller to socialise with all the other deities that are not in my own frenz list for one reason or another. I treated him as one of my favourite alts, which means I quickly checked in several times every day and gave him dungeon action as often as possible (which was twice daily on average).

For those who love stats: While guarded by Bibinoth, the Drifter - lured 23 dungeon party allies to their deaths (FOOLS! The Great Harvester <3 The Drifter!); - upgraded six skills; - acquired a sizeable pile of logs for the ark; - died once and got one free death from a mystery box; - completed seven quests; - got five equipment upgrades; - gained one level; - did not get his Timon killed thanks to being good at animal husbandry; - tore a handful of enamored hearts out of bosses’ chests.

It’s about time I pass on this lovely creature to someone else, before I get him permabanned and make a lot more people cross with me for upsetting their little data dreams.

To the next controller, Viel Spass!

  1. 55

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