Traveller of godville

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Traveller of godville
Motto: if it's possible to get there I will do it. If it's impossible to get there I will do it anyway.
Guild Page: Traveller of godville 
Data current as of July 8

Who is the traveller?

The one and only Travelling deity. The Traveller is known by many names, so many that I don't think I'll list them here for fear of the time it will take. But you don't need to know what his name is to know what he stands for: Travelling. He roams from town to town marking down the names of all the gods he meets in Godville. Though he is always changing his looks, the last time he was seen he was wearing a fedora and dark clothing. Of course with his signature stick satchel.

His purpose

The Traveller believes he was created to circle the globe of godville (if, of course godville is a globe instead of flat like most claim) and mark down everyone that claims to be a god, or goddess for that matter. When he's done, he plans to revisit them all and inform them of how many deities that he has found.

How it works

The Traveller hitchhikes from one account to the other through the network of friends that live in godville. One person takes care of him and then when his endless questions get on their nerves they hand over the password to one of their friends to get rid of him. The pattern then repeats.

The rules are simple.

Rule #1 the most important rule is to pass this account on. You must pass it to someone active and you must do it within one week, preferably within a few days.

Rule #2 you must copy these rules and message them to the person you pass this account to.

Rule #3 you must post something about your stay with this account on the chronicles.

Rule #4 if you for any reason change the account password please send the new password to Strong Soul Located at the Blue Feather guild.

Other than that feel free to do whatever you want. Change his motto, his guild or even post something on the forum. Do pretty much anything to make your mark on his life.