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Monsters of Godville
Class horror
Habitat your worse nightmares
Description the kind of monster your paranoia warned you about

The Traumaturge (Miraculum Obscuro) is an aberration born from the troubled minds heroes and heroines. This horrible beings inhabit the worse memories of your paladin, nurturing from them until they can form a body of their own. Grown traumaturges long to devour heroes souls in order to strengthen their powers. Heroes resist to this situation, usually by means of force, thus combat is bound to happen between adventurers and Traumaturges.

A brief history of Traumaturgy

Traumaturgy is the unknown cousin of thaumaturgy, the power of altering reality through god-given powers. Traumaturges instead alter the souls of heroes using their fears as fuel. In their early stages, these monsters have to be really careful; because heroes would wipe them out with beer if they noticed anything going wrong up there. The first traumaturges were experts on subtle manipulation, that's why (after acquiring a body) these monsters devoted themselves to trading with heroes. Posing as human, they lured many heroes into their lairs. Trading seemed to be conducted as usual or so the adventurers thought. The horrors were implanting little pieces of themselves into their customers souls, pieces that would grow into new traumaturges. A society of traumaturges rapidly grew on Godville. Some paladins and guilds have tried to wipe out this organization sometime before, without any results to show up for. It is unclear who might have created this creatures and which purpose they serve. Rumors has it that some folks in Deville can identify which shops are run by traumaturges, though this alleged spotters are known to go mad easily.

How to deal with a Traumaturge

When the traumaturge is still parasiting from your minion, the best option is to drown it in beer; they will likely drink to oblivion anyway, make sure they drink a little beyond. If the monster is about to hatch, avoid dying (because they exit the body upon the host's death) and seek professional help. If you encounter it on the road just hit it until it dies. Extreme precaution is advised in every possible interaction with this horror as the damage inflicted will not be only physical but mental and even spiritual, tell your local doctor and priest about it when you walk into town, just to be sure.


  • They are masters of deceit
  • You don't really want to remember that time
  • Technically speaking, they're only a product of someone's mind


  • Happy thoughts make them sick
  • Heroines are really proficient in keeping their minds blank
  • Holy objects are not one of their favorite things