Transmogrifier gun

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Not a gun as such...

Type: Weapon

Durability: +90

The Transmogrifier Gun is not a gun as such, but more of ... well, a box. Actually it's more like a trap for the unwary and gullible.

The principle is quite simple. When confronted with one's enemy, simple pull out the box, unfold it, put Tab A in Slot B, wind the spring, calibrate the scope and invite one's (gullible) enemy to crawl under for a quick peek. This sort of opportunity is far too great to resist for most (unwary) Heroes and monsters.

  • Hey you there ! Just take a peek in here.

"Me ? Sure."


  • Dial for transmogrification of your choice: Eel, Baboon, Bug or Dinosaur.

"Oh, Baboon sounds just fine."


  • Say, how do you feel ? Better or worse ?

"Well, it itches a bit."


(With thanks and apologies to 'Calvin and Hobbes')