Tournament of Champions

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ToC IV: Rest In Pieces

Tournament Rules

We'd like as many players as possible for this one, but to get even brackets, we need 32 or 64 players in order not to have "bye" rounds (everyone should fight to advance to round 2). If 34 sign up, we will limit it to 32, if 58 sign up, we'll push for 64. Fights will begin as soon as the brackets are finalized.

Entrance requirements

  1. Sign up by October 1, 2013 by:
    Posting in the Tournament forum
    contact GodHairplug4men , GodDogess , GodVorpal  or GodRodrigo Augustus  directly.
  2. One god per player.
  3. All guilds are welcome!
  4. All levels are welcome, however, given the match rules (below), it is highly recommended that you be at least level 40 or are highly experienced (and awesome!) in the arena.

Match rules

This is a no-holds-barred tournament. This means:

  1. No limits on god power or number of charges used.
  2. Use of miracles is allowed, but not encouraged.
  3. Choice of battleground is up to the competitors. You may chose "Challenge a friend" or attempt a match by sending to the arena.
  4. Each round must be completed within 7 days or both players may be eliminated. This means:
    A) If players are able to send friend invites and one fails to respond within the 7 days, the non-responsive player will be eliminated.
    B) If neither player can come up with a friend invite, and players are unable to meet in the arena due to level differences, both players will be eliminated.
  5. Ties will be decided by The Great Random. The "nominal winner" will be THE winner, so play to win, or risk going home.
  6. "No-holds-barred" does not mean "say/do whatever you want." Please respect the PG-13 level of this game and keep that in mind before sending voice commands.
  7. No whining! There's no crying in baseball or in this tournament.
  8. Have Fun!

Reporting Match Results

Post a link to each duel log in the Tournament forum. Posting the link at the fight start (rather than at the end) is appreciated but not required.

Join the [godville tournament of champions] group on Palringo to hang out with other gladiators, talk shop, and watch the fights.


  • 1st place: 500 charges PLUS a bonus 200 charges from the Godville Developers!! (Thank you!)
  • 2nd place: 250 charges
  • 3rd/4th places: 120 charges each


In order of ranking:

  1. GodShannonus 
  2. GodVorpal 
  3. GodKure0 ]
  4. GodGod Of Tasty 
  5. GodBudapesties 
  6. GodSBFH 
  7. GodBombaySapphire 
  8. GodCharles The Greatest 
  9. GodP A I N 
  10. GodThufirson 
  11. GodMenace Denis 
  12. GodHairplug4men 
  13. GodTamlyyn 
  14. GodZoson 
  15. GodSafi 
  16. GodMorrigan Dahlia 
  17. GodRaindropstop 
  18. GodGreta Octavia Didi 
  19. GodConzequence 
  20. GodHammrsgl 
  21. GodBlue Panda 
  22. GodShiro-Kami 
  23. GodPara Bolus 
  24. GodZeerty 
  25. GodRufustjynd 
  26. GodUltimose 
  27. GodV-vin 
  28. GodCrazy Dave 
  29. GodDogess 
  30. GodNewes 
  31. GodLHR Bad Karma 
  32. GodThe ANT 
  33. GodBelteshazzar 
  34. GodRodrigo Augustus 
  35. GodBeeporama 
  36. GodDjleeds 
  37. GodSkippyryan 
  38. GodYummy cracker 
  39. GodHasanto 
  40. GodDArgo Sun-Cohen 
  41. GodDaDragon 
  42. GodThamar 
  43. GodDamienpoe 
  44. GodTlaloc 
  45. GodAmerican Idiot 
  46. GodSilversurf4 
  47. GodUdontnojoe 
  48. GodMitch 
  49. GodThe Octagon 
  50. GodSourceRunner 
  51. GodFred Flintstone 
  52. GodNASCAR Fanatic 
  53. GodDesphomena 
  54. GodThe Only Good God 
  55. GodCyris 
  56. GodGaplin 
  57. GodLouiz 
  58. GodGod Cypher Divine 
  59. GodRosalind Vivian 
  60. GodOmg I Am God 
  61. GodSusan Sto Helit 
  62. GodIduna 
  63. GodNycscribbler 
  64. GodStickyorder 

ToC IV: RIP Results

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Final Four Final
Star icon.png Shannonus

Star icon.png Belteshazzar

Star icon.png Raindropstop

Star icon.png The Octagon
Morrigan Dahlia

Star icon.png P A I N

Star icon.png DaDragon

Star icon.png Rufustjynd
DArgo Sun-Cohen

Star icon.png Louiz
Charles The Greatest

Star icon.png Budapesties
Omg I Am God

Star icon.png Skippyryan
Crazy Dave

Star icon.png Blue Panda

Star icon.png Desphomena

Star icon.png Tamlyyn
NASCAR Fanatic

Star icon.png No-Body

Star icon.png Dogess

Star icon.png Susan Sto Helit
God Of Tasty

Star icon.png Vorpal

Star icon.png Rodrigo Augustus
LHR Bad Karma

Star icon.png Greta Octavia Didi

Star icon.png SourceRunner

Star icon.png Thufirson

Star icon.png Thamar
Para Bolus

Star icon.png Ultimose

Star icon.png God Cypher Divine

Star icon.png SBFH
Rosalind Vivian

Star icon.png Yummy cracker

Star icon.png Shiro-Kami

Star icon.png The Only Good God
Menace Denis

Star icon.png Zoson
Fred Flintstone

Star icon.png Silversurf4

Star icon.png Newes

Star icon.png Iduna

ToC IV: RIP History

This is the fourth Tournament of Champions! Information on the first ever ToC can be found here.

Special Thanks

Thank you to GodHairplug4men , GodDogess , GodRodrigo Augustus , GodVorpal , GodRaindropstop , GodSBFH  and GodZeerty  for all their hard work making sure this tournament went as smooth as possible from beginning to end. It's been a pleasure working with you all!