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| image =  Scary warrior.jpg
| description = If I told you, you'd wet your pants and pass out
| description = If I told you, you'd wet your pants and pass out
| latin =  ''Pugnator multiplex''
| latin =  ''Pugnator multiplex''

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Boss-Monsters of Godville
'Pugnator multiplex'
Scary warrior.jpg
Class Humanoid
Habitat Dungeons
Description If I told you, you'd wet your pants and pass out
Boss Type 3-Ability Dungeon

The Thug-of-War (Pugnator multiplex) is a monster that was an attempt to combine the best aspects of a street-brawling thug with those of a trained warrior. They are found in dungeons, where, due to their exceptional fighting skills, they are often the final treasure room guardians.


A thug-of-war is a humanoid fighting monster that has been carefully created by equal measures of evil magic and mad science.[1] Years of careful genetic selection and manipulation, powerful spells and curses, along with intense and brutal training from a young age, create a thug-of-war that has any sense of mercy or basic kindness both bred and beaten out of them. The resulting warrior is so strong, it often turns on its creator kills him, and flees to the Lands Beyond Godville, never to be seen again. An important job has been found for those who remain and serve their creators.

Treasure Guardian

Those who don't dispatch their creators are employed as treasure guardians in dungeons all over the Greater Godville Metropolitan Area. Thugs-of-war[2] are excellent in this role because the only "pay" that they demand for their services is the enjoyment of smashing heroes.


Thugs-of-war are, by design, humanoids of great size and physical strength. They have great stamina and quick reflexes. In addition to these natural advantage, they are trained in a variety of martial arts and the use of dozens of weapons. They are also taught the techniques and tactics of street fighters, pub brawlers, and football hooligans. They only respect strength, and proof of strength comes from combat.


In addition to the advantages of size, strength, and proficiency in multiple combat techniques, a thug-of-war will also have been imbued with three special abilities. These abilities will serve to strengthen the thug-of-war or make it more difficult for a god to intercede on behalf of or communicate with his hero.

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  1. ↑ Technically, it was 50.04% evil magic and 49.96% mad science.
  2. ↑ Or is it "thug-of-wars"? I can never remember the plural.
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