Thesaurus Rex

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Pets of Godville
Thesaurus Rex
Strong Monster
Class Dinosaur
Habitat Abandoned mines
Description Talking T-Rex With hat
Tame at levels 999
Features Rideable

The Thesaurus Hat Rex is a lonely creature that lurks in abandoned mines.

General Information

At 20 feet tall, he is a force to be reckoned with. Its name comes from the fact that it evolved from a Tyranosaurus Rex into a more knowledgeable being. The monster is now capable of reading, writing and speaking human language. It spends its time expanding its vocabulary in a dim portion of the cave. Like its ancestors, this beast is territorial, so when a hero gets too close, it attacks without mercy.

Unlike other monsters, the Thesaurus Rex uses psychological attacks against its foes. It uses its highly developed vocal cords to send out sound waves which pierce the mind and can drive the hero insane. The most sophisticated words are the ones that cause the most damage, which is why it keeps expanding its language. The best way to defend against these gruesome attacks is to wear ear protection such as headphones, cotton balls, or earplugs. A harder, but more effective way, is to keep its mouth closed with duct tape or a jaw strap.



  • Magical vocabulary words
  • Huge size makes it hard to keep it from dealing critical hits
  • Eyes are adjusted to darkness and lights, so it has sharp vision
  • Extremely smart


  • Low body strength
  • Poor reach
  • Has no other attacks
  • So lonely, that a simple picture of a female Rex makes it weak with infatuation
  • Doesn't know what love is
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