The Psyche of Monsters

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The Psyche of Monsters

Book of secrets.jpg

By Dr Enai

'Unspecifiedistan University Press.

This book is known for it's in depth analysis on the Psyche of Godville's troubled monsters... It is the only work published, (to this day) by Dr Enai...


  • Case studies Page 1-25
  • The Psyche of the modern monster Page 26
  • The Hero syndrome Page 27-28
  • Schizophrenia, is it the new hero norm ? Page 28-29
  • The "God voice" syndrome... Page 30

Case studies

The Psyche of the modern monster

The modern day monster is known for its quirks and it's diversity... The modern day monster loves the mix and match of different societies... The modern monster isn't a monster, it's a being with it's up and down... It exists and thinks like other conscious beings... Some say the "Monsters" even have gods... I think we should stop calling other form of conscious life, monsters... Simply because we think we are the children of gods...

The Hero syndrome

As it's name indicates it's a syndrome that usually manifest itself in "heroes"... Those "heroes" usually make enemies of the outside world, going on impossible quests to help a "deity"... Last time I met one who went to prison because he assaulted a poor employee at evil co™... And he didn't have any remorse what so ever...

I ask of the scientific department of godville to look more into that behavior as it could become a lot more popular...

Schizophrenia, is it the new norm?

A lot of modern day heros and monsters tend to get into my cabinet claiming to hear voices. To see a full diagnosis please look a the "God Voice" syndrome if the patient is hero. If not then still look at it before saying it's schizophrenia because maybe that person believes a god talks to them...

The "God Voice" syndrome

I've seen multiples patients in my career, mostly heros, who tend to believe every little sign is the voice of their God... I've named this sickness, the "God voice syndrome.


The hero tends to:


The use of different medications and some counseling could help the hero to control his symptoms...

The use of these medications has been proved to help:

Questions useful in the counseling of heroes:

  • Did you have a good relationship with your family ?
  • Were you an atheist before ?
  • When did you first hear the voice of your God ?