The Mended Drum

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Taverns of Godville
The Mended Drum
The Mended Drum.gif
A postcard from the original tavern in Ankh-Morpork
Feature Brawls happens often.
Signature Drink Founders Ale

The Mended Drum is a tavern located in Herowin, this tavern is known to be the best place to see heroes fight. Even better than Godville arena, where heroes are forced to fight in sober terms.


In the early days of Godville a lot of gods and heroes migrated into this world, some of them came from a different universe called "the discworld". Some were adventurous and fearless, once here in our world they resumed their usual questing and smiting, some even founded guilds like the Ankh-Morpork City Watch or the unknown Ankh Morpork Guild of Seamstresses. But there also was another kind of Ankh Morpork denizens, people who were more comfortable with a broom in their hands rather than an axe. The first ones fought, and the latter quenched their thirst with cheap beer. It was all working fine, but they still missed their old home, Ankh-Morpork wasn't a pleasure for the sight and it was even worse for the nose, but it was still their home. That cold brick buildings weren't the same. Then an idea struck the Morporkers of Herowin, if the place they spent most of their time was a tavern, building their favorite tavern would help them feel better.

Taking the design from an old postcard they managed to keep through the years, construction of The Mended Drum started in an alley of Herowin. They even got a brand new drum to break and (right after) mend. When the bartenders saw a bunch of heroes fighting over the tables while people all around cheered and toasted, they finally felt, if not at home, at least a little bit closer. The next morning the owners swept the broken furniture, glasses, and patrons down the doorstep. Ready to open The Mended Drum each and every night since then.


Bands play in the Drum every now and then, usually some poor folk plays an instrument in a corner praying to survive the night. And even though it's undeniably hilarious to see someone wearing a drum as a helmet, the main attraction of this tavern is not the music, but rather the fighting. Drunkards and heroes usually like to put up a fight wherever they go, and when heroes are drunk the amount of brawls per square meter increase exponentially. Every night the visitors may see epic squirmishes between heroes, furniture is allowed in the fight and every pair of hands and legs that wants to be loosened is free to enter inside the moshpit. Even though this may sound insanely dangerous, there's nothing to fear. Fun is the main objective in this events, and there's no fun in long term hospitalization right? That's why sportivity and safety are always present in the fight, more than once a hero has been dragged out of the fight, one time they even stopped a brawl when they realized the heroes were fighting around someone's puppy, the rest of the night was spent searching for the animal's owner. Now you know dear visitor, The Mended Drum features the best fights and the hardest ales.


  • Black Hogswatch: a hearty dark stout, usually served hot in the last months of the year. It has a strong malted taste that barely covers even the taste of alcohol.
  • Founders Ale: this pale ale was allegedly the first one brewed in The Mended Drum; it is rumored that its special taste comes from a delicate blend of malt and mountain herbs, mint and rosemary most likely.
  • Bonk Beer: an exotic blonde lager usually served with some lemon juice and (may you pay enough) some drops of sour apple cider.

Extra reading

You can find out more about the original Mended Drum here:

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