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{{Guild | emblem = THE_GUILD_EMBLEM.png | motto = No motto is too long for The Guild!| monster =  | rank =  | number = 23| leader = | founded =  Decemberish 2015!| founder = Mr God Junior | alignment = Satisfyingly random| gold =  | forum =  | stats =  | pantheon =  | pantheon2 =  | pantheon3 =  | town =  | perc =  | date = Decemberish 2016| friend1 = Another Guild| friend2 =  The Authors Guild| friend3 =  | friend4 =  | friend5 =  | friend6 =  | friend7 =  | foe1 =  | foe2 =  | foe3 =  | foe4 =  | foe5 =  }}
{{Guild | emblem = THE_GUILD_EMBLEM.png | motto = No motto is too long for The Guild!| monster =  | rank =  | number = 23| leader = | founded =  Decemberish 2015!| founder = Mr God Junior | alignment = Satisfyingly random| gold =  | forum =  | stats =  | pantheon =  | pantheon2 =  | pantheon3 = | Pantheon4 = 324 | town =  | perc =  | date = Decemberish 2016| friend1 = Another Guild| friend2 =  The Authors Guild| friend3 =  | friend4 =  | friend5 =  | friend6 =  | friend7 =  | foe1 =  | foe2 =  | foe3 =  | foe4 =  | foe5 =  }}
== A guild named The Guild ==
== A guild named The Guild ==

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The Guild
Motto: No motto is too long for The Guild!
Alignment: Satisfyingly random
Date Founded: Decemberish 2015!
Membership Count: 23
Guild Page: The Guild 
Data current as of Decemberish 2016

A guild named The Guild

The Guild. What an unoriginal and boring name for a guild. Surely it will fail before gaining even a second member. Fear not, connoisseurs of creativity, The Guild is much less creative than you thought! Before this guild was created, there was another The Guild in Godville. So not only a boring name, but completely unoriginal being the second of the same name! But this isn't any old The Guild, it's this The Guild! (Not to be mistaken for This Guild).

Who We Are (and What We Do)

Well, we're really hoping you have come to understand that we are, surprisingly, The Guild after seeing the big title that says, "The Guild," at the top of the page.

As for what we do, mostly the same things every other guild does! (Hint: There's really not much to do as a guild in Godville!)

  • Try, sometimes unsuccessfully, to focus on having interesting conversations in The Guild Chat.
  • Shamelessly recruit people for The Guild.
  • Goof around in Godville.
  • And say 'The Guild' too often.
  • Harrass the forums with messages about The Guild. Usually contained to our own forum!

Why Should You Join Us?

A better question would be, "why shouldn't you join us"? We, of course, are far too busy shamelessly recruiting helpless heroes and emphasizing The Guild in capital letters to answer questions such as that.

But nevertheless, here are some benefits of being a The Guildee:

  • Joining The Guild isn't bad for you health
    • On the other hand, joining The Guild isn't good for your health either.
  • Instead of wasting your time on boring and pointless things, think of how much more productive you can be by wasting your time on non-boring, pointless things!
    • The Guild is never boring, only pointless!
  • You can come up with some good content to put here and then we'll all be proud of you and adore you
  • Free memberships and cookies!

Allies and Enemies


Whilst The Guild was being created, our great minds thought that it would be a great idea to have another guild as an ally! Lo and behold, another great, and uncreative, person actually created a guild called Another Guild! To this day, The Guild and Another Guild strike fear in the hearts of those who wish humanity was more creative.

As well, The Guild Alumni, GodPandora Night  left to create her own guild called The Authors Guild for godvillieans all around who have interest in writing. Admiring her well chosen name, The Guild proudly added them to our Allies!


Though we probably get on the bad side of some god and goddesses with our antics we have yet to have anyone oppose is openly. One day someone will say something bad about us and then we can get some enemies! We can't wait.



The Guild was born out of a pool of anarchy, and a slime pit of despair. Amid towering waves that threatened to swamp The Guild in its beginning, amid the thunder of gods, angered at the end of their rule and the beginning of order, the very pits of Hell quaked and were said to... Who am I kidding? This is just The Guild! Created one day when someone said, "Founding a guild would be cool but what would I call it"? That doesn't mean we can't rave on about the Nine Circles of Hell or the meaning of life, but that's how The Guild started.

The Sort of Real The Guild History

The First Temple: GodTlazoltoteo  was the first of us to get a temple! She was also the first member over level 20 and the first member over level 30 for an extensive amount of time, until GodHit you  joined!

A fine example of how some of The Guild members are not complete noobs or alts!

Recruitment Policies

  • Do it! (as in recruitment)
  • Don't recruit in a bad way! (as if there are any bad ways to recruit for The Guild!)
  • The more members we have, the more members we will have!
  • The more people you convince to join the happier we'll be!

The Guild Hall

The Guild Hall is a great building where we hang out and occasional fight off zombie invasions. Being too lazy to build anything ourselves and too cheap to pay people to build them, we've settled on appropriating others buildings which works out just fine! If you have a building you'd like us to take, give it here already!

The Main Building

Whether or not you believe me, The Main Building is not only named The Main Building, it is also The Main Building of The Guild Hall! This was decided after many arguments, with a variety of suggestions including: The Port-au-Potty, Trash-Heap, and GodTlazolteteo 's Temple. The Main Building is located in, as you may have already guessed, GodTlazolteteo 's Temple. It as not so much a temple, but a labyrinth, and at the end, the bathrooms. Here we plot things, while gleefully watching people get lost in the labyrinth. The outside is purely gold, while the inside is painted a multitude of undefined The Guild colours, as well as including The Guild Crest painted everywhere and the motto, painted largely and cut off by the walls.

The Plot

Firstly, due to various magnefying prisms, and complicated light refractions, the bathrooms look very close to the entrance from the outside. So, when people enter, asking for the bathroom, or are on tour and ask for the bathroom, they simply go by themselves, instead of paying the price for a guide. A foolish choice indeed. First, they get lost; then, they find the strategetically placed beer coolers, needing a donation to open. They relax on the overstuffed couches and stay there, all the while, their money being depleted, beer by beer. When they run out of money, we boot them out. If they stained the couches with their need for the bathroom, we fine them! Foolproof!

Now, would you like to explore The Main Building?

The Guild Rules

Suffice to say, we are very strict on our rules, we take them seriously and for that reason have written that we take them seriously.

  • Always remember to capitalize The Guild and use it to redundancy.
  • (If I had thought of another rule, this is where it would have gone)
  • Did you forget the first rule? Good, don't.

The First The Guildees

GodMr God Junior - The Great and Powerful The Guild Leader!
GodTlazolteteo - The first The Guildee!
GodThorion2 - A cool handsome (narcissistic too...) guy!
GodNot A Unicorn - The first Godwiki The Guild Page editor!

The Guild Decree

Even more important than any rules (who pays attention to those things anyway) The Guild has decreed that, as a member of The Guild, in every The Guild affair you must capitalize every used 'The' for maximum The Guild effect.

The Guild's Drink

Being a guild called The Guild, our inventive minds wizzed and twirled, and did all of those other things, to come up with The Guild Specialty Drink.

All the work ended up in a resounding success as we named it The Drink, a success met with delight over all of The Guild's members.

The Guild To-Do list

  • Cross everything off this list!
  • Some kind of forum game!
  • Recruiting more members!
  • Blackmailing more people into being members!
  • Learning to write without as many exclamation marks!


Now, for your enjoyment and confusion, we have a randomly changing image, hurray! <randomimage size="150x100px" float="center>

Thanks For Reading!


This article is periodically edited by the not-so-observant god GodSare-Shi .

Still being edited and added on to. Cool background colour wanted! If you want to add something, might as well run it by GodMr God Junior  first! :)