The Gang of Gangsters

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The Gang of Gangsters
Motto: We are Gangsters!
Alignment: neutral
Date Founded: August 2015
Membership Count: 10
Guild Page: The Gang of Gangsters 


We're glad you found our godwiki page. Please read our page and decide if you want to join our guild! Because why not! Let it be known we support all attempts to rob the banks of Godville.

Who are We?

First and foremost, we are a Guild, secondly we are Gangsters, and that's about it, we have few members so I will continue with our self promotion and say that you should join here and help us gain an identity!

Our Goals

Our goals are simple. We want a nice guild, with as many people as possible, and an active guild council and forum thread. This are also the reasons why we made a guild ;)


GodGod2000  and GodVixn  created the guild "The Gang of Gangsters" after the they met in a rp in the flame lounge. GodVixn  added GodGod2000  as a friend and asked him to make a guild together. The rest is history.

Guild Rules

Our guild rules are only these things:

1.Be at least average active in the guild council.

2.Don't swear.

3.Be nice to each other.

Easy, right ;)?

Alternate Rules

  • Be cool
  • Don't be not cool
  • Please be not not cool
  • pay attention to this rule
  • Remember, we only bring guns into the guild hall every Monday and every second Thursday

How to Join Us

Join our guild by giving your hero this command: Join 'The Gang of Gangsters' guild. (write this exactly as a godvoice command.) Do this when your hero is doing another quest, and outside an town. Don't cancel or complete your heroes current quest first.

If your hero(ine) accepts the quest, he/she will go on an quest for an several days. After your hero completes his/her quest, you will have to wait 4 days before you are able to use the guild council.

If you don't want to join us DON'T do that.

Guild Forum Thread Info

GodGod2000  made an forum topic for our guild. It got accepted There is now an gangster roleplay there, please everyone Join! You always can contact GodGod2000  for any help

Questions or suggestions?

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to submit it at our guild council, on the forum thread or add GodGod2000  as a friend and PM him.

We hope we will see you soon!

G2K ( GodGod2000  ) and GodVixn