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The Battle Toad tavern is a place where weary, battleworn heroes can stop for a while for a drink and the good company of other fatigued, battle-scarred heroes.

It is also the only tavern in all Godville to have a toad in kimono behind a bar. The amphibian bartender is said to never drop a glass, be it full or empty.

Famous patrons

Amongst drinkers, common hooligans, and wandering riff-raff, there seems to be a few that could be considered this humble abodes' famous patrons.

Most notable would be the well-known Tsunade-hime, who downs sake like it's water and can mix drinks like no one's business. In one horrific contest for Best Drunkard Ever™, she drank every drink available and not only didn't lose her stomach contents, but also demanded a discount on sake for the rest of that night.[1]

Patron heroines Misato and her friend Shura hold the current championship at the Battle Toad's bar. Their uncanny ability to empty any and all cans left before them and the still kick asses is a sight to behold.

The best-tipping customer (and thus the bartender's favorite) is Kyoraku-san. There is ongoing debate and still growing bet between other patrons, whether this fellow is a hero, a stray god, or something else entirely. No one has asked outright, yet, because if they spooked the guy off, the wrath of the Battle Toad would be great and many lives would be lost.


A history of significant dates, such as fires, floods, and barfights is as long as a toad tongue and tavern staff don't have the patience to list it, but would like to note that barfights are good for luring heroes and heroines inside. They are a permanent part of the entertainment repertoire

Amphibian Bartender

The creature behind the bar is no other than a real Battle Toad. When the monsters' heroine retired, she thought she would open a bar so there would always be beer to drink. The canny creature saw the laziness of it's master and decided that having heroine as tavern owner was bad for business. The heroine was never seen again, and her name forgotten in tavern history.


Creating a menu is a tricky thing when:

  • 1st You are a toad.
  • 2nd. Your customers are a bunch of tasteless ninja heroes who wouldn't see a snack if it landed on their noses.
  • 3rd. Apparently, humans don't eat flies.

Waddling through these initial difficulties, tawern staff managed to cobble together roughly edible list of snacks and dishes available for customers.

Odawara Kamaboko is customary ate to celebrate new beggining, which for heroes is an annual event, what with all this dying and resurrections...


  • Amazake [2]
  • Breadsticks
  • Pocky [3]
  • Dango [4]
  • Arare [5]
  • Odawara Kamaboko Fish Cakes [6]
  • Gane: Sweet Potato Tempura [7]
  • Akumaki: Bamboo-wrapped Rice Cake
  • Anmitsu dessert with things [8] and ice cream
  • Konpeito sugar stars [9]


  • Yokohama Gyu-nabe Beef Hot Pot
  • Takomeshi: Steamed Octopus with Rice
  • Shirokoro Horumon: Grilled Pork Offal [10]
  • Nikuman: steamed buns filled with pork [11]
  • Yokosuka Kaigun Kare Curry
  • Goto Udon[12]

Signature Drinks

The Battle Toad tawern is known for restoring propertien of their beverages. They can not only smoothe beaten hero's pride but also treat their bruises and cuts.

The not-so-secret secret to this phenomenum is that between strong alcoholic drinks are hidden drinkable healing artifacts, heroes just can't seem to remember their names as they are sneakily added to the tab of unsuspecting drinker at bar. Sure they let heroes get back to their heroic deeds much quicker but toads are not THAT altruistic...


Artifacts restore heroes health thus making them soberer and allowing for greater consumption of beer. And the bill is getting bigger and bigger...

Legit alcohol


Yummy mysterious brews

Following pictures despict by order: sake, happoshu & aojiru --->


  1. Some witnesses dispute that this feat was instead accomplished by Tsukikage Ran, but that wandering samurai cannot be located for comment.
  2. traditional sweet, low-alcohol Japanese drink made from fermented rice. Can be used as a dessert, snack, natural sweetening agent, baby food, salad dressing or smoothie.
  3. there was an accident with breadsticks and chocolate fondue that changed history of snacking forever
  4. sweet rice dumplings on a stick
  5. small, roundish crackers made with glutinous rice and flavored with soy sauce. Heroes will eat anything that is at bar and has peanuts inside
  6. is made from finely minced and steamed fish paste
  7. glorified french fries
  8. may contain anko (red bean mesh), agar jelly, mochi(rice cakes), fruits and/or boiled peas
  9. known monster enthusiast Hayao Miyazaki captured previously unknown encounter of ash monsters with this sweet treat in his famous documentary movie "Spirited away"
  10. Only now! Discount in celebration of getting rid of near Boartender competition!
  11. Hah! Take that, Boartender!
  12. liked by heroines for it's faint aroma of camellia flower
  13. fermented from rice, 15-18% alcohol
  14. distilled from sweet potato (imo), barley (mugi), rice (kome) and other ingredients, 25-30% alcohol (up to 45% on a good illegal day)
  15. alcohol distilled from long grain indica rice
  16. low malt beer
  17. peach liquor
  18. citrus liquor made when Yuzu citrus is steeped in junmai sake
  19. muahaha, it's not alcohol! Tis but “green soup” made from kale!
  20. because it's never too late to try some probiotic drinks
  21. it could be beer, it could be wine... who knows
  22. Shōchū mixed with soda
  23. when you accidentally drop sugared plum in your perfectly good Shōchū
  24. restores the electrolytes. That's all you need to know.
  25. a non-alcoholic, beer flavoured beverage, usually added with Shōchū, seriously, Kami-sama, why everything gets mixed with Shōchū; Genma-san, you are fired! ...Whatever. Studies suggest that hoppy might help recover from seasonal sickness and respiratory problems like pneumonia and bronchitis, just leave it next to Iodine solution cider, Genma-baka.

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